The Busline League boys and girls basketball seasons already are heating up as many squads squared off on the hardwood Saturday, Nov. 17, and Monday, Nov. 19.

The Large School Division tipped off its season Wednesday, Nov. 14 with a slew of seventh-grade games, while the Small School Division began Saturday, along with a handful of Large School Division seventh- and eighth-grade contests.

Coaches can report game results by emailing or by calling 594-4401, ext. 116.

The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Large School Division, girls

Oceanside Blue 7th 47, Medomak 24

At Rockland Nov. 19, the Mariners nearly doubled up the visiting Riverhawks and prevailed by a convincing margin. Oceanside led 13-6, 27-13 and 36-22 at the quarter breaks.

Gabby Simmons netted 15 points to lead the Mariners, while Kyle Farnham added eight; Molly Spencer and Jordan Brackett, both seven; Aubrey Doyle, four; and Taylor Hamlin, Casey Pine and Zoe Goff, all two.

Gabby DePatsy tossed in 15 points for the 'Hawks, while Haley Wiley added four; Nina McGrath and Cierra Dyer, both two; and Acadia Calderwood, one.

The Mariners were 5-of-17 (29 percent) from the charity stripe and the Riverhawks 6-of-19 (31 percent).

Medomak 8th 29, Oceanside Blue 28

At Thomaston Nov. 17, the Riverhawks pushed past the host Mariners by one point in a thrilling, competitive, back-and-forth affair. Medomak led 7-5 after the first quarter, while Oceanside led 14-10 at halftime and 20-19 after three quarters.

Chelsea Ripley led Medomak with seven points, while Alika McMurrin added six; Victoria Wheaton, five; Cassidy Taylor and Nicole Obuchon, both four; Maggie Ryan, two; and Amber Hagin, one. Wheaton converted a 3-point play with a few seconds remaining to help lift the visiting Riverhawks over the Mariners.

For Oceanside, Jaymie McMahon and Olivia Staples both netted six points, while Jenna Conant added four; Maddie Young, Sierra Beal and Elise Laslavic, all two; and Emma Lee and Julia Barbour, both one.

The 'Hawks were 7-of-16 (44 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Mariners were 4-of-17 (24 percent).

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Oceanside White 7th 36, Medomak 26

At Waldoboro Nov. 17, the Mariners outscored the Riverhawks 8-3 over the final eight minutes to pick up the hard-fought victory. Oceanside led 16-12, 22-17 and 28-23 at the quarter breaks.

Lauren Miller keyed the balanced Oceanside scoring attack with an eight-point effort, while Emily Clough, Lauren Arsenault and Amelia Campbell all added six; Kristina Ferguson and Charlotte Leparulo, both four; and Aubrey Anderson, two.

For Medomak, Gabby DePatsy tossed in 12 points, while Cierra Dyer added eight; Hallie Kunesh, four; and Nina McGrath, two.

The Mariners were 0-of-6 from the foul line and Medomak 2-of-5 (40 percent).

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Oceanside Blue 7th 29, Camden-Rockport 27 (OT)

At Camden Nov. 17, the Mariners and Schooners battled back and forth throughout the game, but the visitors outscored the hosts 3-1 in the four-minute overtime to emerge victorious.

Gabby Simmons netted 14 points to lead Oceanside, while Molly Spencer added five; Casey Pine and Jordan Brackett, both two; and Taylor Hamlin, one.

For Camden-Rockport, Abbey O'Donal tossed in 10 points, while Claire Pierce added seven; Malea Russell, six; and Emily Long and Katie Heavey, both two.

The Schooners were 7-of-26 (27 percent) from the foul line, while the Mariners were 4-of-14 (28 percent).

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Boothbay 54, Camden-Rockport 7th 26

At Boothbay Nov. 14, the Wildcats had their way with the visiting Schooners to come away with a convincing victory. Boothbay led 18-2, 27-5 and 36-13 at the quarter breaks.

Claire Pierce netted 10 points for CRMS, while Emily Long added seven and Malea Russell, Abbey O'Donal and Sarah Contento, all two.

Page Brown poured in 23 points to pace Boothbay, while Sydeny Meader added 13; Jackie McLeon, eight; Sydney Mercier, four; Denise Stover, two; and Summer Chamberlain, one.

Large School Division, boys

Oceanside Blue 7th 63, Medomak 42

At Rockland Nov. 19, the Mariners continued their early-season surge with another double-digit victory. Oceanside led 16-13 after the first quarter, while Medomak rallied to take a 30-28 edge at halftime. The Mariners then took a 42-33 lead after three quarters and went on a 21-9 run to end the game.

Mike Norton Jr. poured in an impressive 41 points to lead Oceanside, while Hunter Davis added six; Nicholas Crawford-Crudell, four; Jack Freeman, Logan Sheridan and Kirt Ilvonen, all three; and Mike Doughty, one.

Collin Fournier tossed in 14 points to lead Medomak, while Josh Goldrup and Brent Stewart each added eight; Wyatt Post, seven; and Ben Dever and Simon Fisher, both two.

The Mariners netted 21-of-36 (58 percent) from the foul line and MMS 13-of-26 (50 percent).

Medomak 7th 48, Oceanside White 35

At Waldoboro Nov. 17, the Riverhawks soared past the visiting Mariners to pick up a 13-point win. Medomak led 12-8, 26-16 and 42-24 at the quarter breaks.

Brent Stewart scored 12 points to lead Medomak, while Collin Fournier added 11; Jensen Willis, nine; Josh Goldrup, eight; and Andrew Campbell, six.

For Oceanside, Ruben Martinez tossed in 15 points, while Trevor Lawry added six; Anthony Vitali, Cody Ward and Anthony Moore, all four; and John Curtain, two.

Medomak was 2-of-10 (20 percent) from the foul line.

Wiscasset 52, Camden-Rockport 8th 40

At Wiscasset Nov. 19, the Warriors earned a 12-point victory over the visiting Schooners. Nate Raye tallied 13 points to lead CRMS, while Devin Vangel added 10. "Wiscasset held the advantage in rebounding, particularly on the offensive end, which ultimately proved to be the difference in the game," said Schooner coach Ian MacKenzie.

Additional information on the game was unavailable.

Oceanside Blue 7th 73, Camden-Rockport 36

At Camden Nov. 17, the Mariners sailed to a lopsided win over the host Schooners. Oceanside led 20-5, 34-12 and 54-32 at the quarter breaks. CRMS hung tough in the third quarter, matching Oceanside's output 20-20, but couldn not dig out of its first-half hole.

Mike Norton Jr. poured in 25 points to lead Oceanside, while Hunter Davis added 19, Kirt Ilvonen, eight; Logan Sheridan, six; Nicholas Crawford-Crudell and Christian Deabler, both four; and Eric Glasier, two.

Jesse Fraser tossed in 17 points to lead Camden-Rockport, while Lucas Boetsch added eight; Conrad Crans, six; Will Nickerson, three; and Devin Winslow, two. Fraser added four steals and two rebounds, while Boetsch secured 10 rebounds and Crans 11 caroms.

The Mariners were 8-of-15 (53 percent) from the charity stripe, while the Schooners were 2-of-15 (13 percent).

"The Schooners had difficulty putting the ball in the hoop, getting good shots but being unable to convert time and time again," said Schooner coach Chuck Crans. "The Schooners attempted fullcourt [defensive] pressure, which yielded multiple [scoring] opportunities, but were never able to get closer than 15 points for the remainder of the game."

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Medomak 8th 49, Oceanside Blue 31

At Thomaston Nov. 17, the Riverhawks ran away with the game in the second quarter and prevailed by 18 points. Medomak led 17-11, 35-17 and 39-24 at the quarter breaks.

Maty Moore netted 10 points to lead MMS, while Taylor McLain and Cameron Allaire both added eight; Kyle Donlin, six; Cam Martin, four; Jonathon Allard, three; Laken Harrington, Adam Eutsler, Daniel Jones, Nick Grover and Casey Libby, all two.

For Oceanside, Anthony Marsh tossed in eight points, while Gage Robinson added seven; Zack Robinson and Mitchell Delfrate, both six; and Ryan Lawrence and Martin King, both two.

The Mariners were 7-of-16 (44 percent) from the charity stripe, while the 'Hawks were 3-of-12 (25 percent).

"It was a great first win, with everyone contributing on the defensive end, holding Oceanside to 31 points," said MMS coach Paul Berube.

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Troy Howard 35, Searsport 30

At Searsport Nov. 17, the Lions outscored the Vikings 14-4 in the second quarter, leading the visitors to a five-point victory. Searsport led 10-4 after the first quarter, while Troy Howard took an 18-14 cushion at halftime and led 24-19 after three quarters.

Nolan Woods tallied 12 points for the Lions, while Zane Bielenberg added 10; Garrett Hamlin, seven; and Derek Tyler, Tristan Roberts and Tyler McLeod, all two.

For Searsport, Barrett Grant netted 15 points, while Ben Powell added five; Connor Kneeland and Liam MacMillan, both four; and Chris Evans, two.

The Vikings were 2-of-6 (33 percent) from the foul line and the Lions 2-of-5 (40 percent).

Small School Division, girls

Hope 50, Islesboro 18

At Hope Nov. 17, the visiting islanders were no match for the high-flying Hawks as the small school season began. Hope led 20-4, 34-10 and 46-12 at the breaks.

Pacing Hope were Kira Barley with 16 points; Laticia Billings, 10; Nicole Brown and Kelsie Merrill, both six; India Backiel and Kaitlyn Turnbull, both four; and Becca Mellin, two.

For the Eagles, Jasmyne Schoppe scored all 18 points.

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