November 21, 1851

“NEW BOOKS – H.G.O. Washburn has, among other late and important works: ‘Restoration of Monarchy in France’ by Lamartine, ‘Captains of the Old World’ by H.W. Herbert, ‘Sketches and Legends of the Rhine’ by Victor Hugo, the poet, and ‘Life of John Sterling’ by Thomas Carlyle.”

November 22, 1894

“The Egyptian mummy on exhibition at H. A. Starrett’s dry goods store will be replaced next week by a Parisian automatic toy known as the colored banjo.”

November 23, 1911

[In Brooks] “One of the finest flocks of poultry to be seen in this town, and perhaps in Waldo County, is that owned by Henry Webb. He has 130 pure white Plymouth Rock pullets of the best blood obtainable. Mr. Webb sends to Massachusetts each spring for his male stock, and keeps the strain pure. He has a nicely appointed hennery and runs and conducts the business on the latest approved methods.”

November 22, 1962

A team from the Belfast Curling Club won first place trophies in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. Members of the team are: Larry Gavaza – Skip; Tenney Gavaza – Mate; Joe Cappuccio – 2nd stone; and Mary Cappuccio – Lead.

November 22, 1990

"Gladys Pitcher: A Century of Music"

by Kris Ferrazza

This issue included a tribute to Gladys Pitcher, who would be turning 100 on December 11. Miss Pitcher, whose father built and sold pianos in Belfast and mother had been the first music teacher in area schools, was a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music and an editor for a music publisher in Boston for 31 years, before returning to Belfast in 1962.