From the files of the Republican Journal in the Belfast Free Library

December 2, 1853

The Penobscot Prematurely Closed

”During the recent cold weather, large masses of ice floating in the Penobscot, by compression and large scales running under the surface ice, have prematurely laid an embargo on the navigation at Bangor. The steamers went up with some difficulty on Saturday. Getting alarmed, they attempted to force their way down on Sunday, but found it impossible. The blockade is at High Head, below the city.”

December 8, 1904

Attractions at the Opera House

"’The Factory Girl,’ one of the season's greatest melodramatic successes, will be the attraction Saturday evening, December 10th. The production will be brought here intact, including the great factory scene and the real electric plant which operates the machinery. The company consists of thirty well known players besides a number of popular vaudeville headliners.”

December 8, 1938

A. & P. Self-Service Market to Open

”The Belfast A. And P. Store opens this week a Self-Service Market at 75 Main Street and it will be one of the most modern in the state and will be continued under the able management of P. C. Burleson of this city. With approximately 3,000 square feet of trading area, the remodeled market at 75 Main street affords plenty of space for the display of a complete line of groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables.”

December 8, 1960

Miss Peggy Ann Doak Celebrates Birthday

”Miss Peggy Ann Doak, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. George Doak, celebrated her sixth birthday at a party at her home at City Point. Guests included Cindy Paul, Peter Pinkerton, Sammy Ladd, Annette Bowen, Sharon Harriman, Debby Seekins, Debby Sprague, Sue Brown, Beth Brown, Lee Ann Herrick, Wayne Peters, Brenda English, Randy Doak and Michael Bowen.”

December 3, 1981

”Journal Cartoonist, John Thornton had one of his masterpieces on display in an international exhibit of cartoons in Montreal last summer. His graphic description of the OPEC oil struggle has now been compiled in a book honoring the exhibition. Those other artists are in pretty fine company.”