George Hampton Blanton Jr., 85, of Montville, passed away after a series of strokes throughout which he fought hard to survive. He died in the arms of his wife on Dec. 6.

He was born in Newton, N.C. Later his family moved to Clover, S.C. In June 1945, he graduated from South Carolina High where he was one of the favorites on the football team. After graduation he moved to Baltimore, Md., and from there was inducted into the Army. He was sent first to Camp Carson, Colo., and then to Fort Richardson, Ala., as a member of the 196th Regimental Combat Team, also known as the Arctic Warriors — ski troopers with a polar bear for their insignia. He served on active duty from 1950 to 1954 when he was honorably discharged.

He returned to Baltimore and in 1956 studied Broadcasting and Engineering at Baltimore Technical Institute, graduating with the highest grades in his class. During this time, he joined the Chorus of the Chesapeake, a Barbershop chorus, in which he sang bass for 56 years. He would remain passionate about skiing, singing, camping and travel all his life. He retired to Maine from 20 years with the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company after 14 years of previous service to the Bendix Corporation.

He is survived by his wife of 59 years, Antoinette, his two children, George H. Blanton III and Anita Hiltz, his grandson Ian Hiltz and his great grandchildren Nick and Nora.

Services will be announced in the spring.

Arrangements are under the care of Riposta Funeral Home 182 Waldo Ave. Belfast, Maine, 04915.