The Busline League boys and girls basketball seasons continue to press on with midseason contests tipping off in recent days throughout the Midcoast.

The updated large school division standings, as of Dec. 13, include:

Eighth-grade boys — Medomak Middle School of Waldoboro, 8-0; Boothbay Region Elementary School, 7-1; Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast, 5-2; Wiscasset Middle School, 5-4; Searsport District Middle School, 4-4; Oceanside Blue of Rockland/Thomaston, 3-6; Oceanside White of Rockland/Thomaston, 3-6; Camden-Rockport Middle School, 2-7; and Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta, 0-9.

Eighth-grade girls — Great Salt Bay, 9-0; Camden-Rockport, 8-1; Medomak, 5-3; Oceanside West Blue, 5-4; Boothbay, 4-4; Oceanside West White, 3-6; Wiscasset, 2-7; Searsport, 1-7; and Troy Howard, 0-7.

Seventh-grade boys — Troy Howard, 9-0; Oceanside West Blue, 9-1; Boothbay, 6-3; Wiscasset, 4-4; Medomak, 4-5; Camden-Rockport, 3-6; Great Salt Bay, 1-7; and Oceanside West White, 0-10.

Seventh-grade girls — Boothbay, 9-0; Oceanside West Blue, 8-2; Oceanside West White, 8-2; Camden-Rockport, 4-5; Troy Howard, 3-6; Medomak, 3-6; Great Salt Bay, 1-7; and Wiscasset, 0-8.

Coaches from the large and small school divisions can report game results by emailing or by calling 594-4401, ext. 116.

Click for photos from middle school boys games this season.

Click for photos from middle school girls games this season.

The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Large school division, girls

Oceanside White 7th 33, Medomak 24

At Thomaston Dec. 13, the Mariners pulled away from the Riverhawks in the third quarter and picked up the win over the visitors. Oceanside White led 6-4 after the first quarter, while Medomak took an 11-9 advantage at halftime. Oceanside White then took a 23-16 edge after three quarters.

Amelia Campbell netted eight points for the Mariners, while Kristina Ferguson, Lauryn Arsenault and Emilee Clough all added four; Charlotte Leparulo, three; and Olivia Orff, Aubrey Anderson, Cassidy Boynton, McKenzie Murry and Lauren Mellek, all two.

Cierra Dyer scored nine points for the 'Hawks, while Gabby DePatsy and Hallie Kunesh each added seven and Acadia Calderwood one.

The Riverhawks netted 8-of-24 (33 percent) from the foul line and the Mariners 3-of-8 (38 percent).

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Oceanside Blue 8th 31, Wiscasset 18

At Wiscasset Dec. 13, the Mariners sailed to a 10-point first-quarter lead and defeated the host Warriors. Oceanside Blue led 14-4, 18-6 and 24-9 at the quarter breaks.

Elise Laslavic netted six points for the Mariners, while Morgan Williams and Emma Lee added five; Jenna Conant and Lauren Hatch, both four; Emily Hutchinson, three; and Sierra Beal and Julia Barbour, both two.

For Wiscasset, Gabby Chapman scored eight points, while Hayhlee Craig added six; and Grace Webber and Keara Hunter, both two.

Medomak 8th 39, Troy Howard 25

At Belfast Dec. 13, the Riverhawks jumped to a double-digit first-quarter lead and surged to a 14-point win. Medomak led 14-4, 18-15 and 25-20 at the quarter breaks.

Nicole Obuchon scored 16 points for the winners, while Chelsea Ripley added 13; Victoria Wheaton, six; and Breanna McKay and Amber Hagin, both two.

For Troy Howard, Hannah Richards tallied 12 points, while Callie Cook added six; Ray Luther and Karlee Parker, both two; and Katie King, one.

The 'Hawks were 1-of-5 (20 percent) from the foul line and the Lions 7-of-18 (39 percent).

Oceanside Blue 8th 28, Oceanside White 13

At Thomaston Dec. 12, Oceanside Blue rallied in the second half and surged past Oceanside White in the fourth quarter to pick up the victory. Oceanside White led 4-0 after the first quarter and 7-5 at halftime, while Oceanside Blue took a 14-11 lead after three quarters.

Olivia Staples scored six points for Oceanside Blue, while Ella Lee added five; Elise Laslavic and Jaymic McMahon, both four; Morgan Williams, Emily Hutchinson, Julia Barbour and Jenna Conant, all two; and Lauren Hatch, one.

For Oceanside White, Kaylee McCorrison scored nine points, while Brianna White-Ortiz added three and Kelsey Brooks one.

Oceanside Blue was 2-of-13 (15 percent) from the foul line, while Oceanside White was 3-of-12 (25 percent).

Oceanside Blue 7th 38, Camden-Rockport 33

At Camden Dec. 12, the Mariners kept the Schooners at arms-length throughout the game and came away with a five-point win. Oceanside Blue led 9-6, 19-18 and 27-21 at the quarter breaks.

Gabby Simmons tossed in 27 points for the visitors, while Molly Spencer added six; Casey Pine, four; and Aubry Doyle, one,

Malea Russell tossed in eight points for the Schooners, while Abbey O’Donal, Emily Long and Claire Pierce each added six; Audrey Clement, five; and Sarah Contento, two.

The Mariners were 5-of-9 (56 percent) from the foul line, while the Schooners were 7-of-19 (37 percent).

Large school division, boys

Medomak 7th 56, Oceanside White 31

At Thomaston Dec. 13, the Riverhawks went on a 16-4 run in the second quarter and soared to victory over the Mariners. Medomak led 13-6, 29-10 and 47-19 at the quarter breaks.

Jensen Willis scored 11 points to lead the visitors, while Collin Fournier added 10; Josh Goldrup, seven; Andrew Campbell, six; Brent Stewart, Simon Fischer and Wyatt Post, all five; Ben Dever, three; and Alex Zilinski, one.

For Oceanside White, Ruben Martinez dumped in 17 points, while Anthony Moore added six; Anthony Vitale, four; and Ryan Colson and Silas Miller, both two.

The 'Hawks were 13-of-25 (52 percent) from the foul line and the Mariners 3-of-6 (50 percent).

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Medomak 8th 55, Troy Howard 45

At Belfast Dec. 13, the Riverhawks overcame a three-point first-quarter deficit and pulled away late to defeat the Lions by 10 points. Troy Howard led 11-8 after the first eight minutes, while Medomak took a 25-21 lead at halftime and extended that advantage to 41-30 after three quarters.

Jonathan Allard and Taylor McClain each netted 10 points for the 'Hawks, while Maty Moore added nine; Patrick White and Cam Allaire, both six; Zidane McMurrin, five; Kyle Donlin, Daniel Jones, Cale Gee and Cameron Martin, all two; and Nick Grover, one.

For Troy Howard, Zane Bielenberg scored 22 points, while Nolan Woods added nine; Garrett Hamlin, eight; Edwin Jackson, four; and Tyler Macleod, one.

Medomak was 6-of-8 (75 percent) from the foul line and Troy Howard converted 3-of-4 (75 percent).

Wiscasset 77, Oceanside Blue 39

At Wiscasset Dec. 13, the Warriors handled the visiting Mariners with ease and prevailed by a convincing margin.

Anthony Marsh scored 14 points for Oceanside Blue, while Gage Robinson added seven; Mitchell Delfrate and Ian Goff, both four; Sam Townsend, three; Jackson Arnsdorf, two; and Martin King, one.

For Wiscasset, Ethan James poured in 32 points, while Kevin Lynch added 11; Grant Hefler, 10; Cody Roberts and Nate Woodman, both six; Charles Colby, five; Joe Pihlehan, four; and Russell Marr, three.

Wiscasset converted 21-of-32 (66 percent) from the charity stripe and Oceanside Blue 6-of-10 (60 percent).

Camden-Rockport 7th 47, Great Salt Bay 42

At Damariscotta Dec. 13, the Schooners sailed to a five-point win over a depleted Cougar team that had eight players miss the game due to illness. Camden-Rockport led 15-12, 32-25 and 47-29 at the quarter breaks.

Leading the Schooners on offense were Noah Erskine (12 points, 3 rebounds, 3 steals), Will Nickerson (9 points, rebound, steal), Jesse Fraser (9 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals), Lucas Boetsch (7 points, 8 rebounds, steal), Conrad Crans (6 points, 2 rebounds, steal), Antonio Secareccio (3 points), Eben Merrifield (2 points, 8 rebounds), Marco D'Amato (2 points, 9 rebounds, 3 steals), Will Parks (2 points, rebound, steal) and Gideon Baeza (2 points, 7 rebounds, steal).

For Great Salt Bay, Keydon Leeman scored 22 points, while Gus Hunt added eight; Wyatt Poland, six; Brad Cross, four; and Nate Burr, two.

The Schooners were 14-of-28 (50 percent) from the foul line and the Cougars 3-of-12 (33 percent).

Oceanside Blue 8th 55, Oceanside White 49

At Thomaston Dec. 12, the two Mariner squads were entrenched in an epic battle, which saw Oceanside Blue surge late to come away with a six-point victory. Oceanside Blue led 13-10 after the first eight minutes, while the two teams were knotted 26-26 at halftime. Oceanside White then took a 37-36 lead after three quarters.

Gage Robinson scored 17 points for Oceanside Blue, while Jackson Arnsdorf added 11; Zach Robinson, 10; Mitchell Delfrate, eight; Ryan Lawrence, four; Anthony Marsh, three; and Sam Townsend, two.

Josef Berger netted 13 points for Oceanside White, while Max Lombardo added 12; Sam Atwood, eight; Coby Dorr, seven; David Kurr, four; Noah Freeman, three; and Dave Young, two.

Oceanside Blue converted 9-of-19 (47 percent) free-throw attempts, while Oceanside White made 7-of-16 (44 percent) attempts.

Oceanside Blue 7th 54, Camden-Rockport 50

At Rockland Dec. 12, the Mariners held off the scrappy Schooners throughout the contests and prevailed by four points. Camden-Rockport led 16-11 after the first quarter, while Oceanside Blue took a 28-24 lead at halftime and led 40-34 after three quarters.

Mike Norton Jr. poured in 31 points to lead the Mariners, while Hunter Davis added 15; Logan Sheridan, six; and Mike Dougherty and Jack Freeman, both two.

For Camden-Rockport, Jesse Fraser tossed in 28 points along with six rebounds and six steals, while also making contributions for the Schooners were Lucas Boetsch (12 points, 6 rebounds, steal), Conrad Crans (8 points, 10 rebounds), Noah Erskine (2 points, rebound, steal), Gideon Baeza (2 points, rebound), Eben Merrifield (4 rebounds, steal), John Chilton (rebound, 2 steals) and Will Nickerson (2 rebounds, steal).

Oceanside Blue netted 16-of-28 (57 percent) from the foul line, while Camden-Rockport converted 6-of-18 (33 percent).

Fraser converted a field goal to bring the Schooners within two points with less than a minute remaining, but Davis countered with a pair of free throws with 17 seconds left, making it a two-possession game, which essentially put the game out of reach for the visitors.

Oceanside Blue 7th 67, Great Salt Bay 15

At Damariscotta Dec. 10, the Mariners had no trouble with the host Cougars en route to a 52-point triumph. Oceanside Blue led 16-5, 34-5 and 46-9 at the quarter breaks.

Mike Norton Jr. tossed in 28 points for the winners, while Hunter Davis added 23; Josh Peaco, six; Kirt Ilvonen and Jack Freeman, both three; and Nicholas Crawford-Crudell and Logan Sheridan, both two.

Keyden Leeman netted four points for Great Salt Bay, while Quincy Perry added three; Nathan Burr and Gus Hunt, both two; and Sam Laemmle, one.

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