Busline League basketball took off at a torrid pace throughout the Midcoast on Saturday, Dec. 15 as local teams were in action with the holiday season only days away.

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Click for photos from middle school boys basketball games this season.

Click for photos from middle school girls basketball games this season.

The following is a recap of reported results from the Dec. 15 games:

Large school division, boys

Troy Howard 62, Searsport 49

At Belfast Dec. 15, the Lions jumped to an early lead and held serve throughout the contest en route to victory over the Vikings. Troy Howard led 19-11, 31-21 and 48-40 at the quarter breaks.

Nolan Woods poured in 20 points to lead Troy Howard, while Garrett Hamlin added 18; Zane Bielenberg, 14; Zack Dyer and Edwin Johnson, both four; and Matt Howard, two.

Barrett Grant poured in 26 points for Searsport, while Caleb Ackley added eight; Connor Kneeland, seven; Ben Powell, six; and Liam MacMillan, two.

The Lions were 11-of-20 (55 percent) from the foul line, while the Vikings were 1-of-5 (20 percent).

Oceanside Blue 7th 47, Medomak 45

At Waldoboro Dec. 15, the Mariners held off a late Riverhawk rally and prevailed by two points. Oceanside Blue led 14-6, 26-17 and 35-28 at the quarter breaks.

Mike Norton Jr. scored 18 points for Oceanside, while Logan Sheridan added 12; Hunter Davis, seven; Nicholas Crawford-Crudell, four; Kirt Ilvonen, three; and Zach Peaco and Jack Freeman, both two.

For Medomak, Collin Fournier netted 23 points, while Jensen Willis added seven; Josh Goldrup, five; Wyatt Post, four; Ben Dever. three; and Andrew Campbell and Brent Stewart, both two.

The Mariners were 5-of-5 (100 percent) from the foul line, while the 'Hawks were 5-of-8 (62 percent).

Camden-Rockport 7th 55, Great Salt Bay 40

At Camden Dec. 15, the Schooners dug themselves out of a first-quarter hole and rallied for a 15-point win over the visiting Cougars. GSB of Damariscotta led 14-8 after the first quarter, while the Schooners took a 25-24 halftime lead and 39-30 advantage after three quarters.

Leading the Schooner offense were Lucas Boetsch (22 points, 2 rebounds, 4 steals), Noah Erskine (11 points, 2 steals), Marco D'Amato (5 points, 2 rebounds), Will Nickerson (4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 steals), Jesse Fraser (4 points, 2 rebounds, steal), Conrad Crans (2 points, 3 rebounds), Eben Merrifield (2 points, 5 rebounds, steal), Gideon Baeza (2 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals), Will Parks (2 points, 4 rebounds, steal) and Devin Winslow (point, rebound).

For the Cougars, Keyden Leeman netted 20 points, while Gus Hunt added five; Brad Cross, Sam Leamme and Andrew Grenkene, all four; Eric Havevy, two; and Seamus Gilbert, one.

The Cougars were 2-of-12 (17 percent) from the foul line and the Schooners 9-of-22 (41 percent).

Medomak 8th 59, Camden-Rockport 38

At Waldoboro Dec. 15, the Riverhawks remained unbeaten with a 21-point win over the host Schooners. Medomak led 18-8, 33-11 and 42-27 at the quarter breaks.

Maty Moore keyed the 'Hawks with an 11-point effort, while Cam Martin and Kyle Donlin each added eight; Taylor McLain, six; Jonathan Allard and Cam Allaire, both five; Daniel Jones and Patrick White, both four; Isaac Eutsler and Zidane McMurrin, both three; and Laken Harrington, two.

Brandon Debrosky scored 15 points to lead the Schooners, while Devin Vangel added 11; Nate Raye, six; Gavin Boyel, four; and Seth Young, two.

Medomak was 5-of-10 (50 percent) from the charity stripe, while Camden-Rockport netted 4-of-11 (36 percent).

Boothbay 8th 73, Oceanside White 62

At Thomaston Dec. 15, the Mariners dug themselves into a first-quarter hole and never recovered as the Wildcats picked up the victory. Boothbay led 22-4, 40-20 and 55-43 at the quarter breaks.

Sam Atwood netted 16 points for Oceanside White, while Coby Dorr added 13; Zach Davis, 11; Max Lombardo, 10; Josef Berger, five; Noah Freeman, four; David Kurr, two; and Nick Keene, one.

For Boothbay, Jacob Leonard poured in 24 points, while Dino Gosselin added 18; Carter Babcock, 11; Duncan Drapeon, seven; Austin Campbell, six; Jeremy Holbrook, four; and Mike Ripley, three.

The Mariners were 12-of-29 (41 percent) from the foul line, while the Wildcats were 19-of-27 (70 percent).

Girls basketball

Oceanside Blue 7th 38, Medomak 24

At Waldoboro Dec. 15, the Mariners pulled away from the host Riverhawks in the second half and prevailed by 14 points. Oceanside led 6-4, 14-9 and 26-18 at the quarter breaks.

Gabby Simmons scored 19 points to lead Oceanside, while Zoe Goff added eight; Molly Spencer, six; Aubrey Doyle, four; and Casey Pine, one.

Cierra Dyer netted 16 points for Medomak Valley, while Hallie Kunesh added five and Gabby DePatsy three.

The Mariners were 2-of-5 (40 percent) from the foul line, while the Riverhawks were 4-of-13 (31 percent).

Camden-Rockport 8th 38, Medomak 26

At Waldoboro Dec. 15, the Schooners won their eighth straight game with a 12-point win over the host Riverhawks. Camden-Rockport led 5-4, 15-4 and 27-14 at the quarter breaks.

Charlotte Messer scored 18 points for the Schooners, while Mara Dostie added 13; Julia Holt, five; and Kate McKenna, two.

For Medomak, Nicole Obuchon scored 14 points, while Kelsey Grant and Chelsea Ripley each added four; and Nicky Taylor and Alika McMurrin, both two.

The Schooners netted 4-of-6 (67 percent) from the foul line and the 'Hawks 4-of-5 (80 percent).

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