A Belfast man is in custody after a weekend altercation resulted in domestic violence and kidnapping charges.

Christopher McGinn, 26, was arrested on a warrant and charged with kidnapping and domestic violence assault Sunday, Dec. 16. Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office said McGinn arrived at the Belmont residence of a woman with whom he has a child, Saturday, Dec. 15 and spend the next several hours terrorizing her.

The couple are estranged and engaged in a custody dispute, Trafton said.

At one point, the victim told police she found McGinn in the bathroom with a needle sticking in his arm. McGinn then attempted to inject the woman, and sprayed some of the liquid in her mouth, Trafton said.

The woman said she did not know what was in the syringe and the police have not yet determined what it contained.

When the woman attempted to leave the residence, McGinn refused to let her go and took the phone cord, so the woman wouldn’t be able to call anyone.

“She said he was acting very erratically,” Trafton said. “She had never seen him act like that before.”

McGinn eventually called the woman’s mother to ask her to come pick up the children, who are 2, 6 and 8 years old, Trafton said. When the woman’s mother arrived, McGinn was gone.

The following day the woman’s mother brought her to the Waldo County General Hospital, where she was treated and released. Trafton said the woman suffered a few bruises and had marks on her arm from where McGinn had attempted to inject her. After being released from the hospital, the woman contacted police and filed a report.

Trafton said the woman has conditions against her prohibiting her from having contact with McGinn, which the woman told police he has used against her in the past.

McGinn was scheduled to appear in court Monday, Dec. 17.

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