Five-hundred and 11 master swimmers from 63 teams as far away as Moscow and Hawaii entered the New England 25-meter championships Dec. 7-9 at Boston University.

Five of those swimmers were from the Penobscot Bay YMCA. All of the local swimmers won New England championships. They made up one-fourth of the undermanned Maine team, which finished fourth. The 635 points scored by the five Pen Bay swimmers alone would have placed that group 15th in the championships.

Brothers Frank and Peter Giustra, along with Bill Jones, were New England champions on the 280-plus (280-plus means participants must average over 70) 200-meter men’s medley relay. The Giustras also won in the 280-plus 400-meter men’s freestyle relay. The team used Jones’ 75 years to bring up the average of two other relays that won the 240-plus 200-meter men’s freestyle relay and the 160-plus 800-meter men’s freestyle relay.

The Maine team also used Kristi Panayotoff to bring up the average age of the 200-plus 800-meter women’s freestyle relay, and to victory. The Pen Bay youngster, Doug Roth, won a New England championship on the Maine 240-plus 200-meter men’s free relay.

Jones, Panayotoff and Roth swam the maximum number of individual events of 11. Compared to these marathons, the Giustras made cameo appearances on Saturday only, swimming five individual events between them.

Frank claimed the championship in the 50-meter freestyle, an event where he and Jones have been trading the Maine record since turning age 75. Despite his difficult position at the top of his age group, Peter Giustra won the 100-meter butterfly.

Panayotoff, also at the top of her age group, also earned the 100-meter butterfly championship plus three second-place finishes.

Avoiding Frank Giustra in the 50-meter free, Jones won all his 11 individual events, sharing the men’s high-points trophy with Dan Rogacki of Massachusetts. In the process, Jones set six Maine records and one New England record to add to the 27 Maine and eight New England 75-plus individual records he held.

Maine Masters’ Sherill Kupan of St. Petersburg, Fla. won the women’s high points trophy. Despite being in a more-difficult, younger age group, Roth swam a spectacular 800-meter freestyle, placing second, as well as finishing second in the 200-meter butterfly.

The individual results for the Pen Bay swimmers included:

• Frank Giustra, 75, Waldoboro: 50-meter free (41.15, 1st), 50-meter butterfly (63.11, 2nd), 200-meter free (4:03.87, 2nd), men's 280-plus 400-meter free relay (6:14.17, 1st) and men's 280-plus 200-meter medley relay (3:07.39, 1st).

• Peter Giustra, 74, Warren; 100-meter butterfly (2:07.77, 1st), 100-meter individual medley (1:51.90, 4th), men's 280-plus 400-meter free relay (6:14.17, 1st) and men's 280-plus 200-meter medley relay (3:07.39, 1st).

• Jones, 75, Hope; 100-meter free (1:26.81, 1st), 200-meter free (3:35.30, 1st), 800-meter free (16:13.61, 1st), 100-meter backstroke (1:55.56, 1st), 200-meter backstroke (4:07.89, 1st), 100-meter breaststroke (1:58.98, 1st), 50-meter butterfly (49.87, 1st), 100-meter butterfly (1:56.43, 1st), 200-meter butterfly (4:33.61, 1st), 100-meter individual medley (1:42.25, 1st), 200-meter individual medley (3:56.40, 1st), men's 280-plus 200-meter medley relay (3:07.39, 1st), men’s 240-plus 200-meter free relay (2:41.27, 1st) and men’s 160-plus 800-meter free relay (11:14.52, 1st).

• Panayotoff, 64, Lincolnville: 800-meter free (16:40.34, 4th), 50-meter backstroke (53.72, 4th), 100-meter backstroke (1:58.05, 2nd), 200-meter backstroke (4:08.37, 3rd), 100-meter breaststroke (2:07.12, 6th), 200-meter breaststroke (4:31.31, 5th), 100-meter butterfly (1:58.67, 1st), 200-meter butterfly (4:31.57, 2nd), 100-meter individual medley (1:56.21, 2nd), 200-meter individual medley (4:08.31, 4th), 400-meter individual medley (8:42.90, 3rd), mixed 400-meter 160+ medley relay (5:58.95, 3rd), women’s 200-meter 200+ free relay (2:32.11, 2nd), and women’s 800-meter 200+ free relay (12:28.23, 1st).

• Roth, 51, Warren: 100-meter free (1:08.56, 9th), 200-meter free (2:29.63, 7th), 400-meter free (5:18.53, 4th), 800-meter free (10:36.79, 2nd), 50-meter backstroke (37.46, 5th), 100-meter backstroke (1:24.04, 4th), 200-meter backstroke (2:55.20, 5th), 50-meter butterfly (36.95, 10th), 100-meter butterfly (1:36.57, 7th), 200-meter butterfly (3:48.48, 2nd), 400-meter individual medley (6:38.29, 4th) and men’s 240-plus 200-meter free relay (2:41.27, 1st).

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