Regional School Unit 3 board members approved a contract extension and slight increases in pay and phone services for the superintendent.

The terms of the new contract include a 1 percent pay increase in salary, a one-year contract extension and a slight increase in phone services for Superintendent Heather Perry.

Chairman Phil Shibles said some districts provide a phone service for administrators, but Regional School Unit 3 provides a monthly allotment to Perry to put towards her own personal phone provider.

Shibles said Perry was originally under a two-year contract when she was hired, but now the district has moved to three-year contracts, which is standard procedure for many schools

School board members deliberated in an executive session Monday, Dec. 10, as they completed an evaluation of Perry’s performance. After closing the executive session, board members immediately went to a vote on the issue without further discussion.

State law requires superintendent evaluations to be done in December, Shibles said.

The district budgeted $104,030 to pay Perry’s salary for the 2012-2013 school year. A 1 percent raise means she would earn an additional $1,040.30, giving her a total salary of $105,070.30.

Perry has been employed as the superintendent in Regional School Unit 3 since July 1, 2010. This year marks her seventh as a superintendent and her 17th year working as an educator in the State of Maine.

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