From the files of the Republican Journal, compiled by the staff of The Belfast Free Library.

Jan. 10, 1851

Reading Room

"We have now completed arrangements and opened a reading room sufficiently large in it's arrangements, we think, to meet the wants of our mercantile and business men, and reading public."

"Many of our citizens, who, it seems to us are interested in sustaining something of the kind, are not yet upon our list. We hope they will see fit to give as such support as may cover our expenses for the first year at least. The enterprise, to be sure, is not a great one, but we think it is worth sustaining."

Jan. 9, 1908

Searsport Locals

”Capt. and Mrs. O. W. Clark of the five masted schooner Rebecca Palmer entertained at luncheon Tuesday on board his vessel, Capt. and Mrs. N. F. Gilkey and Mr. and Mrs. John Frame.”

Jan. 8, 1942

”At a meeting of Bundles for Britain and Bundles for Bluejackets, held at the new headquarters rooms on Phoenix Row, Friday afternoon, reports were received from the dance given Dec. 29 in the Belfast Opera House, which showed receipts of $106.75, after bills were paid. Large bundles were packed with clothing to be shipped to headquarters of Bundles for Britain in New York, after the meeting.”

At The Colonial Theatre

"Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard top all the fun they gave you in 'The Ghost Breakers,' in their newest comedy, 'Nothing But the Truth.'"

Jan. 12, 1978

Gale Winds, Rain And Flood Tides Batter County Coastline

By Denise Goodman

”Estimates of damage to Waldo County coastal communities from Monday's near hurricane were climbing toward the million dollar mark Wednesday as officials from stormed-ravaged towns phoned in their figures to the Civil Emergency Preparedness Office. Long-time residents are terming the storm the worst in at least 20 years and some say even full-fledged hurricanes which hit Waldo County in the past didn't do the damage caused by Monday's high winds and flooding high tide.”

Jan. 9, 1997

The Belfast Buzz

"Troy Howard Middle School computer teacher Alden Overlock set aside his computer mouse and laced up his dancing shoes during the vacation with great results. Overlock and his dancing partner, Serena Seekins of South Thomaston, took second place in the Tenderfoot Swing division of the North Atlantic Dance Championship at the New Year's Dance Extravaganza at the Seacrest Resort in Cape Cod. Overlock and Seekins have both studied dance with Belfast's Lynn Karlin."