From the files of the Republican Journal, compiled by the staff of The Belfast Free Library.

Jan. 23, 1879

"The levee and ball given last week by No. Two engine company, at Hayford Hall, was a success in every particular. The contributions from the citizens were liberal and of excellent quality. The attendance was large, and everybody seemed satisfied. The music was one of the best features of the occasion, consisting of fourteen pieces, under the leadership of Robert P. Chase. After the supper was served the hall was cleared, and the dance lasted until nearly morning."

Jan. 26, 1911

Work Begun on the Sardine Factory

"The steam lighter Sophia of the Snow Marine Co. Of Rockland, Capt. John I. Snow, arrived here last week with a cargo of granite from Stonington, and Monday the work of building the sea wall on the water front at this end of the lower bridge, where the Pike Bros' sardine plant is to be located was begun."

"Thus, through the efforts of the Belfast Board of Trade, a new industry is assured our city, and it will no doubt be followed by others."

Jan. 21, 1937


"Work is beginning this week at the big B. & A. R. R. pier on the shipment by water of Aroostook County potatoes. This is good news to men in need of employment in this region and will help general business conditions for the remainder of the winter. Long live the Aroostook potato will be the local sentiment."

The Weather in Belfast

Jan. 13, 14, 15, and 16, were record breaking in many ways. Ice and snow were not in evidence, the wind was balmy, the sky more like spring than midwinter and the sunsets beautiful. Thursday morning was damp and rain fell later in the day and at night Friday. At seven a.m. the mercury registered 43 above zero, at noon 58 and at sunset 44. Shrubs and trees were showing signs of budding and the pessimists were predicting the failure of next year's flowers, fruits, berries and vegetables.

Jan. 21, 1960

Playing at the Colonial Theatre

"The Three Stooges in their first full-length feature film! 'Have Rocket Will Travel'"

Curling Club Ice Chips

"Housewives are moving their sweeping operations from the homes to the curling rink in Belfast these days. Cries of 'sweep' and the rhythmic swish of brooms across a fine ice surface herald the opening season of the roarin' game. The old Scottish pastime now is one of Belfast's most popular sports because it is a part of the city's social life. The curling rink is where most people go almost every night, not merely to curl but to criticize his neighbor's curling, sip coffee, and swap gossip. Ladies' curling is growing by leaps and bounds so that the sport, which a few years ago was said to have created many so-called curling widows, is now creating many 'curling widowers'"