A 21-year-old man from Palermo suffered a broken arm after his vehicle skidded and went airborne before rolling onto its roof just after 5 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Richard Odonnell was driving a 1997 Chrysler headed north on North Palermo Road when, according to the accident report at the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office, he veered into the oncoming lane. The vehicle traveled for about 200 feet with the passenger side tires in the shoulder and the driver side wheels on the fog line, then went into a skid as Odonnell over-corrected. The car continued on for about 150 feet with the front end facing the oncoming traffic lane before leaving the road on the west side and striking a driveway embankment.

From there, according to the report, the vehicle went airborne for about 40 feet, hit the ground and then rolled, traveling another 80 feet before coming to rest on its roof.

Waldo County Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton said Odonnell was taken by ambulance to Thayer Hospital in Waterville, where he was treated for a broken arm.

Trafton said Odonnell told police he was up all night with friends, and when asked how much he’d had to drink, Odonnell reportedly stated, “not that much.” When they searched the vehicle and the nearby vicinity, officers found an empty 12-pack of Twisted Tea, a bottle of vodka and a bottle of Jagermeister that Trafton said was likely broken during the crash.

As of Monday, Jan. 28, Trafton said the sheriff’s office was still awaiting Odonnell’s blood alcohol test results, which will be submitted with the accident report to the Waldo County District Attorney’s Office.

Trafton said the crash investigation continues this week.