From the files of the Republican Journal, compiled by the staff of The Belfast Free Library.

Jan. 31, 1845

Land Ho!

"This is the joyful, and sometimes woeful cry of the mariner, on making land. I say Land, Ho! But, it is with a mixture of pleasure and regret. Pleasure at the prospect of soon seeing my old demands out of my possession, where they will vex me no more; and pain at the shape and the hands they will be consigned to. For one year and four months I have laid upon my oars, at expense and loss of time, to indulge those who are indebted to me. A goodly number have squared the yards, but there are many yet shivering in the wind. I trust no one will complain, when I inform them that I am resolved to ascertain what amount of my dues I am to realize, and what portion is to be counted as loss. Those who call and settle (by settle I mean pay) before they receive the summons of the officer of the law, will save a small addition to their bills. Those who escape, must act at once, for I am now done talking, and 'you had better believe it.' Land, Ho! CYRUS ROWE"

Jan. 27, 1881

"Dr. and Mrs. D. P. Flanders were surprised on Wednesday evening of last week, by a number of their friends dropping in upon them suddenly. Music, dancing and ice cream made the evening a very pleasant one."

"We are now enjoying Vennor's thaw. He predicted that mild weather would prevail from the 18th of January to the 12th of February. But it isn't much of a thaw when the mercury is down to zero most of the time."

Jan. 29, 1920

Martha, the ten-year-old daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Zenas Hartshorn, celebrated her birthday last Saturday with a theatre party at the Colonial. Later they returned to the hostess' home where games were played and refreshments served. The menu included ice cream, assorted cookies, salted peanuts, candy and a birthday cake with candle decorations. The guests were Thelma Dexter, Ernestine Webber, Elana Shute, Annie Sanders, Adelaide Howard and Doris Collins.

At the Colonial Theater

Tom Mix in “A Rough Riding Romance.” “He a cow puncher, she a princess, yet love finds a way.”

Feb. 2, 1978

"Mary Lou Weaver, daughter of Arthur Weaver of N. C. and Pauline Ward of Belfast, has been accepted for the spring semester at New Hampshire College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Weaver will be majoring in the college's two year executive secretarial program. She is a 1977 graduate of Belfast Area High School."

Bottle Law Gets Mixed Review From Local Shoppers

”As of Wednesday, Maine's new returnable bottle law is in full effect in Supermarkets, general stores, and redemption centers. Journal staffer Jon Laitin interviewed local shoppers earlier this week on how they feel about the new law and how it has affected their shopping. He found reactions varied greatly.”