The Midcoast Wrestling Club held its youth opener Jan. 20 at Camden Hills Regional High School, with many young athletes from kindergarten through eighth grade in action on the mat.

Wrestlers from throughout the state participated, including those from Oceanside, Belfast, Mount View, Midcoast, Medomak and Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville (HAL).

Wrestlers competed in the round-robin tournaments based on grade and weight class.

The individual results for Midcoast athletes, with first-place finishers also noted, included:

35 pounds (K-2) — Benjamin Hooper, MtV, was pinned by Evan Kowalsky, Eagles, at 0:37; was pinned by Liam Reardon, Wins, at 1:35; and lost to Cameron Jacques, Skow, 21-16.

39 pounds (K-2) — Kaden Grant, MtV, pinned Dominick Vose, Ocean, at 2:34; lost to Kobe Swett, Ells, 13-11; was pinned by Adam St. Cyr, CLAW, at 0:55.

Vose, Ocean, was pinned by St. Cyr, CLAW, at 0:21; and was pinned by Swett, Ells, at 1:35.

40 pounds (K-2) — Megan Lee, Med, defeated Corey Stewart, MtV, 10-9; lost be technical fall to Madolin Ripley, Ocean, 15-0; and was pinned by Nickolaus Allen, Wells, at 1:54.

Ripley, Ocean, won by majority decision over Allen, Wells, 14-6; and pinned Stewart, MtV, at 0:25. Ripley finished first.

Stewart, MtV, was pinned by Allen, Wells, at 0:34.

42 pounds (K-2) — Holden Nichols, Bel, pinned Tyler Clark, Skow, at 0:22; won by forfeit over Clay Whited, MtV; and pinned Parker Darge, Ocean, at 0:14.

Darge won by injury default over Whited, MtV; and pinned Clark, Skow, at 0:39. Also, Whited, MtV, lost by forfeit to Clark, Skow. Nichols finished first.

43 pounds (K-2) — Gavin Ripley, Ocean, pinned Nicholas Welch, Skow, at 0:44; pinned Malaki Maker, MtV, at 0:26; and pinned Justin Batty, HAL, at 0:16. Ripley finished first.

Batty, HAL, pinned Maker, MtV, at 0:24; and pinned Welch, Skow, at 2:53. Also Maker, MtV, was pinned by Welch, Skow, at 2:24.

46 pounds (K-2) — Chase Kenney, MtV, lost by majority decision to David Winchenbach, CLAW, 20-6; was pinned by Miller Foss, Skow, at 0:55; and was pinned by Nate Fogarty, Ocean, at 0:44.

Fogarty lost to Foss, Skow, 13-8; and pinned Winchenbach, CLAW, at 0:46.

47 pounds (K-2) — Kaden Lugar, Med, was pinned by Caden McEachern, Skow, at 0:34; lost by technical fall to Hunter Wormwood, OxH, 19-0; and was pinned by Jack Harriman, Mass, at 0:33.

50 pounds (K-2) — Kaleb Nason, MtV, won by majority decision over Autumn Porter, MidCoast, 15-6; won by technical fall over Stephen Dixon, Skow, 24-7; and pinned Michael Hall, OxH, at 0:41. Nason finished first.

Porter, MidCoast, lost to Hall, OxH, 10-7; and was pinned by Dixon, Skow, at 1:50.

51 pounds (K-2) — Noah Hurd, Bel, pinned Jayden Lafrenaye, CLAW, at 0:23; pinned John Hovey, Skow, at 3:00; pinned Matison Bisson, MtV, at 0:18; and pinned Jayden Steward, Skow, at 0:38. Hurd finished first.

Bisson, MtV, was pinned by Lafrenaye, CLAW, at 0:15; was pinned by Hovey, Skow, at 0:27; and was pinned by Steward, Skow, at 2:35.

53 pounds (K-2) — Hale Morris, Ocean, pinned R.J. Vanadestine, Skow, at 0:51; pinned Nick Ryder, MtV, at 0:24; and won by majority decision over Owen Tripp, OxH, 15-6. Morris finished first.

Ryder, MtV, was pinned by Tripp, OxH, at 2:49; and pinned Vanadestine, Skow, at 0:20.

54 pounds (K-2) — Kaden Bonin, Bel, beat Kaden Swett, Ells, 7-4; pinned Kaiden Morin, MtV, at 0:26; and pinned Maxwell Smith, Eagles, at 2:50. Bonin finished first.

Morin, MtV, was pinned by Smith, Eagles, at 0:53; and was pinned by Swett, Ells, at 0:12.

55 pounds (K-2) — Porter Gahagan, Med, lost to Mason Carter, Wins, 14-10; lost to Kara Andrew, MidCoast, 9-5; and lost to Matt Long, OxH, 9-3.

Andrew, MidCoast, lost to Long, OxH, 7-4; and was pinned by Carter, Wins, at 3:55.

57 pounds (K-2) — Maddox Robishaw, Ocean, was pinned by Brady Heath, OxH, at 1:43; lost by technical fall to Wyatt Brown, Skow, 15-0; and lost to Gavin Haskell, Mass, 6-1.

58 pounds (K-2) — Pete Lovejoy beat Caleb Dyer, Mass, 5-4; was pinned by Aiden Clark, Wins, at 0:42; and won by majority decision over Nash Landry, Skow, 9-0.

60 pounds (K-2) — Aiden Davis, MtV, was pinned by Hunter Lewis, Mass, at 0:12; won by majority decision to Brady Boucher, Wins, 13-5; and was pinned by Michael Welch, Skow, at 0:32.

63 pounds (K-2) — Shaun Pooler, MtV, pinned Dustin McAlinden, Mass, at 2:43; beat Dylan Dixon, Skow, 8-2; and was pinned by Isaac Hainer, LLW, at 2:35.

67 pounds (K-2) — Marshall Addy, Med, was pinned by Hunter McEwen, Skow, at 0:20; won by majority decision over Phoebe Zigler, Buck, 11-1; and was pinned by Preston Steeves, Mass, at 0:19.

75 pounds (K-2) — Jacobey Furrow, Med, was pinned by Nathaniel Vanasse, Mass, at 1:22; beat Bryce Holleran, Mass, 7-4; and was pinned by Elijah Wilkinson, Skow, at 0:47.

53 pounds (3-4) — Brady Carter, Med, lost to Gavynn Young, Bel, 10-9; was pinned by Luke Cloutier, Mass, at 2:30; and was pinned by Brycen Kowalsky, Eagles, at 1:30.

Young was pinned by Kowalsky, Eagles, at 1:59; and was pinned by Cloutier, Mass, at 1:34.

58 pounds (3-4) — Benjamin Heath was pinned by Marshall Sawyer, MidCoast, at 0:46; was pinned by Matt Doucette, OxH, at 0:47; was pinned by Spencer Gamage, CLAW, at 0:51; and lost by forfeit to Jake Craig, Skow.

60 pounds (3-4) — Brady Marchessanlt, Ocean, was pinned by Simon Lewis, Skow, at 0:58; was pinned by Michael Welch, Skow, at 2:58; won in overtime over Hunter Brewer, CLAW, 12-10; and lost to Jacob Cole, Mass, 5-3.

62 pounds (3-4) — Austin Chilles, Ocean, beat Samual Boisvert, Mass, 4-3; lost to Spencer LeClair, Eagles, 12-11; and was pinned by Isaac Hainer, LLW, at 0:29.

63 pounds (3-4) — Eric Andrews was pinned by Dylan Grenier, Mass, at 0:20; won by majority decision over Tucker Gallagher, SM, 9-0; and won by majority decision over Carson Porter, Ind., 10-0.

67 pounds (3-4) — Jonah Lovejoy was pinned by Noah Proulx, Eagles, at 0:40; was pinned by Codey Wild, Mass, at 1:52; and lost to Hunter McEwen, Skow, 11-4.

72 pounds (3-4) — Danny Rapp, MidCoast, was pinned by Landon St. Peter, Ells, at 2:31; lost by majority decision Tyler Hallett, Buck, 10-2; and pinned Cole Minchin, Eagles, at 0:25.

80 pounds (3-4) — Isaac McCollett, Med, beat Emily Harris, Med, 7-0; pinned Charlie Hall, OxH, at 0:11; and won by majority decision over Bristol Leahy, OxH, 10-0. McCollett finished first.

Harris, Med, lost to Leahy, OxH, 4-1; and pinned Hall, OxH, at 0:57.

85 pounds (3-4) — Bodhi Ames, Ocean, lost to Alex Smith, Dex, 9-4; was pinned by Romeo Melltis, Her, at 1:58; and was pinned by Hunter Blood, Bel, at 1:49.

Blood lost to Meltis, Her, 7-1; and pinned Smith, Dex, at 0:34.

60 pounds (5-6) — Carter Fogarty, Ocean, lost to Caden Kowalsky, Eagles, 5-4; lost by majority decision to Garret Francoeur, Mass, 10-2; and beat Wyatt Staples, Bel, 9-5.

Staples lost to Francour, Mass, 8-2; and was pinned by Kowalsky, Eagles, at 1:29.

70 pounds (5-6) — Eli McCollett lost by majority decision to Brandon Sandler, Marsh, 12-0; beat Rylee Rapp, MidCoast, 7-4; and was pinned by Tyler Rockwell, Mass, at 0:48.

Rapp, MidCoast, lost to Rockwell, Mass, 7-5; and lost to Sandler, Marsh, 2-1.

75 pounds (5-6) — Alex Fogarty, Ocean, pinned Zachary Gamage, CLAW, at 2:15; pinned Rylee Hanson, Wins, at 0:23; and pinned Josiah Langworthy, Eagles, at 0:19. Fogarty finished first.

77 pounds (5-6) — Dawson Allen, MidCoast, pinned Grady Reardon, Wins, at 0:56; won by majority decision over Cody Holman, Eagles, 14-3; and pinned Shawn Bernier, Buck, at 0:27. Allen finished first.

83 pounds (5-6) — Mark Ward, MtV, pinned Kyle Smith, Mass, at 1:43; lost to Ben Ripley, Ocean, 3-0; and pinned Isaac Ducatt, Eagles, at 0:53.

Ripley won by majority decision over Ducatt, Eagles, 15-1; and pinned Smith, Mass, at 0:58. Ripley finished first.

85 pounds (5-6) — Andrew Kelly, MidCoast, pinned Jason Perfect, OxH, at 0:45; lost by majority decision to Patrick Curtis, Bel, 14-0; and won by technical fall over Cole Dunham, OxH, 19-2.

Curtis pinned Dunham, OxH, at 0:44; and pinned Perfect, OxH, at 1:44. Curtis finished first.

93 pounds (5-6) — Nick Hill, Med, pinned Russell Damon, OxH, at 0:26; was pinned by Matthew Pooler, Mass, at 2:59; beat Troy Tessier, Skow, 3-2; and lost by forfeit over Aaron Lettre, Aug.

101 pounds (5-6) — Michael Yates, MidCoast, lost to David Spinney, Marsh, 6-4; pinned Devin Maheau, Buck, at 0:21; lost by majority decision to Reece Lachance, Mass, 13-2; and lost to Jakob Arbour, Aug, 4-2.

114 pounds (5-6) — William Turner, MtV, was pinned by Eli Miller, Med, at 0:27; lost by technical fall to Quinton Richards, Nok, 17-1; and was pinned by Ben Laurence, Eagles, at 0:33.

Miller, Med, pined Paurence, Eagles, at 1:34; and was pinned by Richards, Nok, at 1:56.

142 pounds (5-6) — Casey Baxter, MtV, pinned Brady Mitchell, Eagles, at 1:37; lost by technical fall to Jeffrey Worster, OxH, 16-1; pinned Nick Huber, CLAW, at 0:26; and lost by majority decision to Shameka Sapienza, Skow, 11-2.

90 pounds (7-8) — Chase Curry, Bel, won by majority decision over Adam Clouriter, Pass, 9-0; pinned Robert Basford, Nok, at 1:18; and pinned Cody Craig, Skow, at 2:41.

93 pounds (7-8) — Brendan Burns, Bel, pinned Dylan Soohey, CLAW, at 0:22; beat Leo Amabile, Pass, 2-0; and pinned Caide Mclean, Skow, at 2:52. Burns finished first.

101 pounds (7-8) — Jacob Racioppi, Bel, pinned Dylan Cobbett, OxH, at 0:52; pinned Brody Boynton, Buck, at 1:57; won by majority decision over Jon Bell, Skow, 10-2; and was pinned by Noah McGrath, Pass, at 2:20.

110 pounds (7-8) — Brian Gunn, HAL, lost to Tyler Stickney, Bel, 10-4; lost by majority decision to Alex Brown, OxH, 15-5; and was pinned by Cooper Holland, Skow, at 0:46.

Stickney was pinned by Holland, Skow, at 1:22; and beat Brown, OxH, 8-6.

115 pounds (7-8) — John Golgano, Bel, was pinned by Dawson Stevens, OxH, at 1:57; beat Liam Smith, Bel, 4-0; and was pinned by Steven Thompson, Med, at 2:50.

Thompson, Med, pinned Smith, Skow, at 1:21; and pinned Stevens, OxH, at 2:29. Thompson finished first.

118 pounds (7-8) — Jacob Waterman, Bel, won by majority decision over Shannon Ripley, Ocean, 9-0; pinned Ethan Minchin, Eagles, at 0:54; and pinned Richard Hettling, Pass, at 0:29. Waterman finished first.

Ripley pinned Hettling, Pass, at 0:43; and pinned Minchin, Eagles, at 0:57.

132 pounds (7-8) — Korbin Daniels, Med, pinned Cidney Mclean, Skow, at 2:40; pinned David Warren, Bel, at 1:42; and pinned Matt Ducatt, Eagles, at 0:22. Daniels finished first.

Warren, Bel, pinned Ducatt, Eagles, at 1:12; and pinned Mclean, Skow, at 0:55.

134 pounds (7-8) — Cole Ashmore, Med, pinned Jason Paradis, OxH, at 1:16; won in overtime over Josh Hall, Buck, 3-1; and was pinned by Austin Pelletier, Skow, at 0:21.

142 pounds (7-8) — Joy Adrian, MidCoast, was pinned by Bob Hetherman, Eagles, at 0:17; was pinned by Elvis Bowen, MidCoast, at 2:41; lost to Noah Schneider, Pass, 4-0; and pinned Konnor Harford, Bel, at 1:58.

Bowen, MidCoast, pinned Harford, Bel, at 0:27; pinned Schneider, Pass, at 2:19; and lost to Hetherman, Eagles, 3-0.

Harford, Bel, lost by majority decision to Schneider, Pass, 16-4; and was pinned by Hetherman, Eagles, at 0:36.

145 pounds (7-8) — Quinn Ashmore, Med, pinned Max Robbins, Bel, at 0:39; lost by technical fall to Robert Hetherman, Eagles, 16-1; and was pinned by Trevor Walton, Pass, at 1:26.

Robbins, Bel, was pinned by Walton, Pass, at 0:10; and was pinned by Hetherman, Eagles, at 0:23.

168 pounds — Zacharian Morbet, Bel, beat Devin Dressler, Skow, 6-5; was pinned by Caleb Hilt, Bel, at 1:33; and lost by majority decision to Jacob Harford, Bel, 9-0.

Harford, Bel, was pinned by Hilt, Bel, at 0:20; and beat Dressler, Skow, 4-2.

Hilt, Bel, pinned Dressler, Skow, at 1:46. Hilt finished first.

223 pounds (7-8) — Brian Clement, MidCoast, beat John Stinson, Gard, 7-5; and was pinned by Kato Littlejohn, Midcoast, at 0:10.

Littlejohn pinned Stinson, Gard, at 1:57. Littlejohn finished first.

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