A 36-year-old Florida woman who allegedly jumped the curb in front of the Belfast Police Station and attempted to leave the scene was arrested on a charge of operating under the influence Monday night, Feb. 4.

Jill A. Halliday, 36, of Mulberry, Fla., incurred the drunk driving charge following a series of events that Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said began just after 7 p.m. as Sgt. John Gibbs was working in his office.

"Sgt. [John] Gibbs was sitting in his office minding his own business when he heard what sounded like a crash," said Cunningham. "He looked out the window onto Church Street and saw a car go by that looked like it was dragging something. There were sparks coming out from under it."

Cunningham said Gibbs immediately went to his patrol car and started pursuing the red 2012 Chevrolet, but the driver — who was later identified as Halliday — had driven away from the scene.

Gibbs checked a few of the streets that intersect with Church Street until he caught up with the vehicle on Cedar Street.

"When he finally found [the vehicle], it had two flat tires on the passenger's side, and that's where the tires met the curb," said Cunningham.

Gibbs then arrested Halliday, who, according to police records, had a blood alcohol content of .27 following the accident.

Cunningham said Halliday has an active Georgia driver's license in addition to her Florida identification, but Halliday's arrest record showed she resides in Florida.

Halliday is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court in Belfast Tuesday, March 19.