A major snowstorm over the weekend left many Midcoast towns buried in two feet or more of snow, according to preliminary reports from the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service reported the wind blew between 31 mph and 45 mph around Waldo County, which reduced visibility significantly.

A record-setting daily maximum snowfall of 17.3 inches was recorded in Bangor, which beat the previous daily snowfall record of 8.6 inches set in 1969, according the National
Weather Service.

A storm is designated by the National Weather Service as a blizzard when there are sustained or gusty winds of 35 mph and visibility is less than a quarter-mile for at least three hours.

Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said no major accidents were reported during the storm. He said a few cars went off the road, but no major injuries were reported.

City Manager Joseph Slocum said it will take several days for crews to finish clearing snow from the roads and sidewalks. He said Public Works Director Bob Richards told him it was the worst storm he had ever seen and there was at least three feet of snow in the downtown area.

In instances where storms are severe enough, the city will seek help from local contractors. However, with the exception of bringing in an extra driver, Slocum said the city did not require additional help or equipment.

With additional snow fall throughout the day Monday, Slocum said one of the priorities for crews was be to clear the storm drains, so any runoff can drain effectively.

Because of the expected impact of the storm, many businesses and government offices closed early on Friday and during the day Saturday.

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