From the files of The Republican Journal, compiled by the staff of The Belfast Free Library.

Feb. 4, 1853

“A select school will be opened in the Brick School House, on Monday, the 7th of February next, under the charge of James Staples. A class in Navigation can be accommodated.


Higher English branches, per week – 0 33

Common English branches, per week – 0 25

Lower English branches, per week – 0 16”

Feb. 7, 1884

“Three new clubs have been organized recently in this city – the last composed of eight young men, who meet in the office in Hayford Block lately occupied by Daniel Faunce, deceased. One of the new clubs meets in the Gov. Crosby office. The boys say that as there is no free reading room or public library in the city, and as they do not care to loaf about the saloons they are obliged to form clubs to have a place for social meetings and mutual improvement.”

Feb. 6, 1930

“The newly organized vested choir of the Universalist church furnished music last Sunday morning with Mrs. Wm. H. Wilder and Earl Talbot soloists. The choir consists of Misses Eileen Fernald, Hilda Tuttle, Margaret Ralph, Priscilla Swett, Irma Jones, Elizabeth Cornforth, and Messrs. Eugene Hammons, Charles Getchell, Earl Hammons, Hillard, George and Ben Buzzell. Mrs Wilder also conducts the rehearsals.”

Feb. 9, 1962

“Mr. And Mrs. Delvin Philbrook of Belfast are the parents of a daughter, Julia Ann, born January 30.”

“A daughter, Kimberly Sue, was born February 4, to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Clark of Belfast.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stover of Belfast are the parents of a daughter, Karen Leigh, born February 2.”

Playing at the Colonial:

Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Frank Sinatra, and Deborah Kerr in “From Here to Eternity,” and Elvis Presley in “Blue Hawaii.”

Feb. 2, 1995


By Edwina Taylor

“I would be remiss if I didn’t congratulate Polly Saltonstall on her promotion to editor-at-large for the Courier Publications’ seven newspapers. Her qualifications are excellent, and her ability is a credit to an outstanding member of the Fourth Estate, her father, Richard Saltonstall.”