As the proposal to construct a 22.7-million-gallon liquid petroleum gas tank at Mack Point has moved through the process of securing the necessary state and federal approvals for its construction many people have expressed frustration that their voices weren't being heard.

While the agencies have allowed for written comment, they did not hold any public hearings, which we believe was not a fair decision. However, we have now had 10 days of public hearings, which cover more than 24 hours' worth of testimony given over a four-month time span. No one can say they did not have a chance to voice their opinion on the matter. Now it is time to move forward.

The planning board members have heard the public and the interested parties speak, now it is their time to discuss and review all the evidence and make a decision.

Looking back on the hearings, we have seen both sides behave in ways that were discouraging and gave us pause. The citizens opposing the tank have brought out good information that the board must consider — a few have also put forth some questionable material.

On the other side, representatives of DCP, the company seeking permission to construct the tank, have at times been condescending and sarcastic. That is not how an applicant — especially one coming into the area for the first time — should treat the people it hopes to call neighbors.

Be aware, be persistent

This week Mary Ann Whaley offered local women some great advice about taking control of their own health. Whaley, who is fighting a rare form of cancer known as inflammatory breast cancer, told the Journal about her experiences with getting a diagnosis — something she said was difficult to do because there is relatively little known about that kind of cancer.

If any of the women out there believe they have similar symptoms as Whaley, including thickening skin on the breast, swelling, redness or  extreme fatigue — tell their doctor and insist on a biopsy. We want to thank Whaley for reaching out to other women in the county and for offering that valuable advice. It could save a life.

It is slick out there

Since the weekend blizzard that dropped more than two feet of snow on Waldo County has passed, there has been a significant uptick in the number of car collisions. Thankfully, most have been relatively minor.

However, the fact remains that the roads are and will probably remain on the slick side. The wind will continue to blow snow on the roads and there is also another storm that could threaten the county early next week.

So, use common sense. If the roads are bad, stay in, and if you have to go out, drive slowly. If you have not already put your all-season tires on, now is the time. Let's all drive safely for our sake and for the sake of everyone else on the road.

Happy Valentine's Day

We hope everyone has a happy Valentine's Day. In the spirit of the holiday, here are a few famous quotes about love and relationships to get you in the mood.

"All you need is love, but a little chocolate now and then never hurts." — Charles M. Schultz

"Money can't buy love, but it improves your bargaining position." — Christopher Marlowe

"I'd kiss a frog even if there was no chance of a Prince Charming popping out." — Cameron Diaz

"Today is Valentine's Day or, as men like to call it, Extortion Day." — Jay Leno

"I want a man who is kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?" — Zsa Zsa Gabor

"If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love." — Maya Angelou