Gun laws we need

It seems to me I’ve heard this story before. The further away we and our legislators get from the mindless slaughter that inspired the public demand for better gun control, the more we and they seem to forget that reason — thus nothing is done. It looks like we’re going down that road again. For starters, it’s beginning to appear unlikely that we’re even going to get a ban on the private ownership and sale of assault weapons. There is no reason on earth why a private citizen should own a gun like that. You certainly cannot use it for hunting.

The senseless killing at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Conn., where 20 children and six teachers were gunned down, is not exactly what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment. It’s time the Nation Rifle Association and their supporters stopped misinterpreting the Second Amendment.

Here’s the kind of legislation that we really need:

1. Make it illegal for any private citizen to own assault weapons, such as semi-automatic rifles or semi-automatic handguns, even if “It’s for my collection.” Such guns cannot be used in the legitimate pursuit of hunting — but they can be used to shoot a large number of people in a short period of time.

2. For the same reason, the sale to private citizens of high-capacity gun magazines loaded with 30 or more bullets ought to be made illegal. There is absolutely no reason why a private citizen should be able to own them.

3. It ought to be made illegal for private persons or gun show dealers to sell any kind of gun without a document from the police indicating that the purchaser has been fingerprinted and investigated.

4. There should be more investigation required of persons attempting to buy a handgun. This might prevent those who have a history of mental problems from being able to do so. Maybe we also need a law requiring that guns possessed at home must be equipped with trigger locks and kept in a secure place, with a responsible adult having the only key.

Stephen Allen


We are all one

The United States is facing enormous problems right now, as is the world. We are seeking to bring humanity as a whole with religion, politics, education, economics, social programs, even with bombs.

It cannot be done that way.

Diversity, knowing and accepting it, creates oneness, greatness. Beliefs create behavior.

Lets all be in the now and ponder the words of the Constitution and Bible that were written at very times, places and circumstances.

I know that while these teachings were based on a firm set of principles, today, rather than seek to understand the underlying principles that they reveal, we have chosen to interpret their words, which has led to misunderstanding and loss of the original wisdom in which they were grounded.

We have met the enemy and they are us, and allowing our governments, corporations and wealthy individuals worldwide to run on a "secret code" called lying. We will be terrorized by it.

We are all one. Truth will prevail.

Justina DiTaranto

Verona Island

Thanks sponsors

We would like to extend a very hearty thank you to all of our sponsors, both businesses and individuals who helped make this season's 2013 Ice Fishing Tournament held on Jan. 26 such a success.

Thank you to Makita Drill, Vikings, Roller Blades, Belfast Army Navy, Trustworthy, Grange Trap, B & M Market, Napa, E.B.S., Jack's Grocery, True Value, Searsport Motor Company, Auto Zone, Steego, Outdoor Sportsman, Havoline Express, Perry's Quik Stop, Admiral's Ocean Inn, Belfast Variety, Route 52 Variety, Morrill General Store, Circle K.

Thank you also to all of the "fisherman." See you next year!

Randall Collins

VFW Men's Auxiliary

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