From the files of the Republican Journal, compiled by the staff of The Belfast Free Library.

Feb. 10, 1854

"The Belfast Signal is to be once more suspended, the new publisher finding it does not pay the expense of publication. Belfast, though a city, will contain but one paper, the Journal, which is such a one as the citizens of Belfast will show their good sense by supporting liberally, notwithstanding Mr. Rockwell thinks it's editor is no great shakes – Lewiston Falls Journal"

Feb. 12, 1903

"The first snow storm to block the roads this season occurred Sunday afternoon and night. Prior to that time snow had fallen in small quantities, with enough for sleighing most of the time. Sunday's storm brought about 6 inches of snow, but it drifted so that Monday teams were obliged to leave the highways in many places. The trains and stages all arrived on time."

"Wednesday evening, February 18, Huntley's Minstrel Jubilee will be e attraction at the Opera House. It is a company of twenty-four people, including their own concert orchestra… New music, new songs, new ideas, in fact, everything new and up-to-date. Prices 25, 35 and 50 cents."

Feb. 14, 1946

”Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith entertained a group of friends at the dinner on Sunday evening at the Wild Brier Inn on Northport avenue. The party was seated at one big table centered with a large lighted candelabra. The guests included Mr. And Mrs. A. T. Hustler, Mr. And Mrs. Leroy Coombs, Mr. and Mrs. Armory Houghton, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lang.”

Playing at the Brooks Theatre:

Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young and Herbert Marshall in "The Enchanted Cottage," A sensitive and dynamic story that will go right to your heart…

Playing at the Colonial Theatre:

Yvonne De Carlo and Rod Cameron in "Frontier Gal," in Technicolor

Feb. 13, 1975

”The fourth graders at Peirce School aren't trying to compete with the U.S. Postal Department, but they are having a most enjoyable time learning how our postal system works this week, handling an anticipated 5,000 valentines which will be passed among their fellow schoolmates. The week-long combined language arts – social studies practical learning experience is being coordinated through the reading department under the direction of Mrs. Spaulding. Each recess and during the noon break, members of the fourth grade take turns filling one of six different jobs based on actual jobs in the U.S. Postal Service.”