A grand jury indicted a Monroe man accused of having sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl multiple times in November 2012.

Christopher Whitcomb, 36, was indicted on four counts of sexual abuse of a minor and violation of condition of release, according to a grand jury indictment list handed up Wednesday, Feb. 13. Whitcomb allegedly had sexual contact with the 14-year-old girl on Nov. 7, 12 and 26, according to court documents.

According to previously published reports, Whitcomb was arrested for the first time on Nov. 15, Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office told the Republican Journal. At the time of the Nov. 15 arrest, Whitcomb allegedly told police he didn’t know the age of the girl.

Following that arrest, police apprehended Whitcomb after receiving a report from the girl’s guardian that she had run away and was believed to be with the Monroe man. Officers located the girl at Whitcomb’s residence, where he allegedly admitted to having sexual contact with her, despite knowing she was 14 years old.

Police charged Whitcomb with an additional count of sexual abuse of a minor and violation of a condition of release.

Attorney William Dawson represents Whitcomb who is being held at Two Bridges Regional Jail.

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