From the files of the Republican Journal, compiled by the staff of The Belfast Free Library.

Feb. 22, 1894

Evening School

”The evening school under the auspices of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union was started last Friday evening under favorable conditions. The school numbered twenty-seven pupils. Classes were formed in arithmetic, grammar and spelling, and a lesson given in the former. Mr. H. E. Ellis of the Upper Grammar school is the teacher. The plan of the school, so far as now arranged, is to have a class In arithmetic, beginning with common fractions, and study such parts of the science as are of most use in every-day life, combined with the proper forms for making bills, notes, drafts, receipts, etc., and so much of the keeping of book accounts as will be useful in the ordinary affairs of life.”

Feb. 18, 1937

Clinic Nurse To Give Tuberculin Test To Pupils

”Miss Katherine Gay will be in Belfast soon to give a Tuberculin test to those pupils whose parents have signified their desire for it. Miss Gay is the clinic nurse working under the State Department of Institutions of which Dr. Hanscom is chief. She will give x-rays to those pupils who react to the test. The expense of the x-rays will be met by the fund which was raised by the series of card parties and contributions by other local organizations during the winter of 1936. Mrs. Janetta R. Jennings is the chairman of the nursing committee in charge of this work.”

At the Colonial Theatre:

Herbert Marshall and Katherine Hepburn in "A Woman Rebels."

"Free Chinaware – Keep Your Set Complete!"

Feb. 20, 1969

Big Snowflake

Last week's storm piled snow everywhere including the roofs of stores in downtown Belfast. A large overhanging drift atop Whitcomb's Cafe was dismantled before some unsuspecting pedestrian got flattened.

Waldo Girl Honored At Birthday Party

Miss Valorie Jane Dinsmore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dinsmore of Waldo, was feted at a party Saturday, in honor of her ninth birthday. Guests attending were Amy Thompson, Debbie Dutton, Diane Rhodes, Kathy Huston, Dianne Whitcomb, John Beckett, Christine Bennett and David Montminy, all of Waldo. Miss Coby Crockett and Vicki Dinsmore assisted Mrs. Dinsmore in serving the birthday cake and ice cream.

Feb. 18, 1993

Belfast's Harvey, Emery win Crowns

by Beth Staples

Belfast Area High School wrestlers Brian Harvey and Jason Emery swept three major honors during the 1992-93 season, capping it off with individual state titles Saturday.

Harvey, a 135-pound sophomore, and Emery, a 171-pound senior, both earlier won individual KVAC titles and Eastern Maine class B regional titles. This weekend they earned bragging rights for being the best in the state.