A former Jobs for Maine Graduates teacher at Belfast Area High School who was out on bail after being arrested in early February on charges that she provided marijuana to some of her students was arrested again this week after police say she threw an underage drinking party at a local hotel.

Sara Lawler-Stoddard, 32, of Belfast was arrested Tuesday, March 5, on charges of furnishing liquor to a minor and violating conditions of release after police responded to a report of a suspected underage drinking party at the Comfort Inn early Thursday morning, Feb. 21.

According to the affidavit from Officer Greg Stearns filed at Fifth District Court, the Belfast Police Department received an initial complaint from an employee at the hotel who stated Lawler-Stoddard was in room 218 and had at least one female and what appeared to be two juvenile males with her. The affidavit further stated the clerk working the night of Wednesday, Feb. 20, became suspicious of the situation when two younger males checked into the hotel at about 9:15 p.m.

The males reportedly told the clerk they were also expecting two more females, and the clerk told the youths she needed copies of their identification at that time. The two males were identified as 19-year-old Devan Skillings and 18-year-old Mason Murray. The two females who arrived a short time later were identified as Lawler-Stoddard and 18-year-old Porsche Gross.

According to the court record, police responded to the hotel room, which was in Skillings' name. The hotel employee reported seeing some of the room occupants outside on the patio holding red cups and being destructive to the outside furniture.

Upon arrival the officers reported smelling the odor of marijuana when Skillings opened the door to the room. The officers then asked if there was any contraband in the room and Skillings said there was not. Skillings initially refused the officers' request to search the room, but after he was informed police were obtaining a search warrant, he consented to the search, according to the court record.

Police instructed all four of the room occupants to step out into the hallway so they could begin the search and also speak with each of them.

Upon questioning, Murray admitted to smoking marijuana on the balcony and he produced a glass pipe that he had concealed inside his sock, stated Stearns. Murray also told police there was an empty 40-ounce bottle of Colt 45 in the room that he had consumed earlier in the evening. Murray refused to say how he acquired the alcohol.

Upon searching the room police found two bottles of Colt 45, a Jagermeister bottle and three additional bottles of Dr. McGillicuddy's. All were either empty or had been opened and had a portion of the contents missing.

After checking surveillance tapes at a local convenience store, Stearns discovered Lawler-Stoddard had bought two bottles of Colt 45 and a bottle of Jagermeister at about 9:35 p.m. That purchase was confirmed through a signed receipt from Lawler-Stoddard's credit card.

While police were conducting the search of the room and conducting interviews in the early morning hours of Feb. 21, Stearns stated, Lawler-Stoddard apparently left the scene.

"While talking with all involved in room 218, Sarah Lawler-Stoddard asked to use the bathroom and never returned," stated the affidavit.

Wednesday, March 6, the court received a motion to revoke Lawler-Stoddard's pre-conviction bail on the initial charges stemming from her Feb. 8 arrest. At that time Lawler-Stoddard was arrested on eight counts of aggravated unlawful furnishing scheduled drugs after students at Belfast Area High School admitted to obtaining marijuana from their former teacher and occasionally smoking it with Lawler-Stoddard.

Stearns confirmed Wednesday morning, March 6, that the teens who were present at the hotel on the morning of Feb. 21 were former Belfast Area High School students, but just one of the three was a student of Lawler-Stoddard's.

Because Lawler-Stoddard's bail conditions stated she was not to be in possession of illegal drugs and was subject to searches for such substances, the state requested Lawler-Stoddard's bail be revoked. Lawler-Stoddard, according to the court document, is currently in custody and will be held on the motion pending her initial appearance, which is scheduled for Thursday, March 28, at Waldo County Superior Court at 8:30 a.m.

As a result of the search of the hotel room police summoned Skillings, a Swanville resident, for furnishing a place for minors to consume or possess alcohol and for illegal possession of alcohol by a minor. Also charged with illegal possession of alcohol by a minor was Gross, who shows an Elliot address. Additionally, Murray, who lives in Belfast, was charged with possession of alcohol by a minor by way of consumption, possession of a usable amount of marijuana and sale and use of drug paraphernalia.

Lawler-Stoddard was first arrested Feb. 8 following an investigation that involved Stearns and the state Jobs for Maine Graduates office.

In that affidavit, Stearns said the state Jobs for Maine Graduates office received a call from the parent of a student who stated that Lawler-Stoddard was using marijuana with some of her students, as well as supplying the drug to them.

Wednesday, Jan. 31, Stearns said Jobs for Maine Graduates staff came to the high school to address the matter, and immediately reported their findings to Stearns and Belfast Area High School administrators.

From there, Stearns stated, he met with several past and present high school students who confirmed that Lawler-Stoddard was engaging in those activities. Some of the students, said Stearns, reported overhearing their classmates bragging about partying with Lawler-Stoddard, but some told the officer they thought those students were lying “just to sound cool.”

After speaking with the youths further, Stearns learned that the drug use was taking place at the residence of a former student and that student’s parent.

One youth reported that Lawler-Stoddard had regularly picked her up in her personal vehicle on the way to school and would smoke marijuana with the youth before dropping the student off at the high school and starting her work day, Stearns stated. The students additionally told Stearns that Lawler-Stoddard was the one supplying the drugs, and each student described the glass pipe Lawler-Stoddard regularly used to smoke the marijuana.

Lawler-Stoddard is no longer employed at the high school.