March 6, 1879

“The annual ball of the military company took place Tuesday evening. There were some sixty couples in attendance. The dancing was varied by an exercise of arms by the company, which did them great credit. The guess pig, to win which was more a matter of good luck than judgment, fell to the lot of Col. Philo Hersey, he guessing 393 3/4, while the actual weight was 391.”

March 4,1937

At the Colonial Theatre

"America's Darling Shirley Temple in One of Her Biggest Hits 'Little Miss Marker.'"

Miss Abbott Speaks Before Teachers Club

"Miss E. Frances Abbott was the guest speaker at the Belfast Teachers' Club which met Wednesday evening, Feb. 24. The purpose of her talk was to acquaint those present with the most popular books of the day. She chose those which have been in great demand at the Belfast Library, as published list of best sellers. After her talk an informal social hour was spent when punch and assorted cookies were served by the committee, Mrs. Ella Hamilton and Misses Doris Wilson and Lulu Bragg.”

March 8, 1979

Derby Winners

Over 600 traps were set in the First Annual Northport Ridge Riders Fishing Derby on Sunday at both Pitcher and Knight's Ponds. Winners were: William Ludwick, largest overall fish (Bass), 4 lbs. 8 oz.; Bill Clark, largest White Perch, 10 1/2 oz.; Ralph Colson, largest Pickerel, 2 lbs. 1 oz.; Bob Prescott, largest Bass, 3 lbs. 11 oz.