A fire destroyed at a garage at a Searsmont residence Thursday, March 14.

Searsmont Fire Chief James Ames said the owner of the residence located at 101 Fowles Road had a pick up truck parked in a garage, which he was having trouble starting. Ames said the homeowner ran an extension cord out to the garage, so that he could attach a battery charger to the vehicle.

He was able to get the vehicle started, after attaching the battery charger, and parked it in his front yard. The homeowner went back into his house for a cup of coffee and when he went back outside 15 minutes later, Ames said the garage was on fire.

“He told me she was all a ball of fire,” Ames said.

By the time firefighters from Appleton, Belmont, Morrill, Montville and Searsmont arrived on scene, the walls and roof of the building had collapsed. Ames said firefighters extinguished the ashes because there was almost nothing left of the building.

Ames said he believed the battery charger may have heated up too much and caused the fire. The building was a total loss, he said.

No one was injured as a result of the fire.

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