Regional School Unit (RSU) 3 board members unanimously approved transferring a piece of district property and the former central office building to the town of Unity during a meeting Monday, March 11.

Superintendent Heather Perry explained to board members that the district is essentially subdividing the Unity Elementary School property. The town of Unity would acquire about one acre of property that includes the former central office building.

Perry explained during a telephone interview Wednesday, March 13, that the district would be forced to relinquish the former central office building at some point, because it is no longer being used for educational purposes.

During an interview in October 2012, Perry said the district central office building was used primarily for storage because of its poor condition.

The town plans to use the property as the site for its future Town Office, Perry said. The town rented space in the Unity Elementary School for about a year as a committee researched potential sites for the new municipal building.

As part of the deal, RSU 3 will retain two easements on the property. The first is a parking easement that allows the district to maintain a parking area, which would be in between the new Unity Town Office and the Unity Elementary School. The district is responsible for plowing and maintaining that parking area, Perry explained.

The second easement is to retain full use of the baseball field of which a small portion is included in the area being turned over to the town. Both easements remain in effect as long as the Unity Elementary School building is used for educational purposes, Perry explained.

Board Chair Phil Shibles praised the deal, citing the dangerous state of disrepair of the former district central office building.

“This is truly a win-win situation,” Shibles said. “We have a building that needs to be taken down.”

The town of Unity would assume all responsibility for the demolition of the building.

Before going to a vote, a question was raised by an audience member who asked if there would be any issues with the historical society in regard to demolishing the former district central office. No issues had been raised, according to town representatives present at the meeting. It was also noted that the former central office building, built in the 1950s, is one of the “newer” buildings in the town.

A request was also made to town representatives to be aware of time capsules buried on the property. The capsules would be turned over to the superintendent when found.

Board members unanimously approved the transfer of property to the town of Unity.

In other business:

Board members approved an overnight rafting trip for the Mount View High School Project Graduation. An overnight trip for cadet students to Maine Maritime Academy was also approved.

The contracts for the adult education coordinator, Mount View Elementary School principal, Monroe and Morse Elementary School principal and Troy and Walker Elementary School principal were approved. The terms of the contracts included a one-year extension and a 1 percent salary increase.