March 18, 1829

Private Ball

”Benjamin Shaw Esq. of Frankfort gave an entertainment at his residence, on the evening of the 4th of March, in honor of the inauguration of President Jackson. Invitations were given to persons in the adjoining towns, and in Belfast, Castine, Bangor, and other places. The bad state of the roads prevented many from participating in the festivities of the occasion. About 60 persons however attended, who spent the evening in dancing and mirth, highly gratified with hospitality of Mr. Shaw and Lady – and well satisfied with commencement of the new administration.”

March 19, 1885


”A series of five games of polo will be played between the Coliseums, of Belfast, and the Rockland team. Two have already been played. The next game will take place on Wednesday eve. of next week at the Coliseum building, in this city. Some persons have said that Belfast out to retaliate for the rough usage our team received at Rockland last week but we hope that wiser counsels will prevail. It is true that our boys were insulted, cheated and abused by the audience at Rockland, but in return let us show the Rockland team the difference between a Belfast and a Rockland audience.”

March 21, 1940

“A cotillion was held in the B. P. W. Club rooms Monday evening with 31 couples present. It was a St. Patrick’s party the decorations being in green and white, and the refreshment being carried out in the same color scheme. The president, Mrs. S. S. L. Shute, was chairman of the committee in charge and was assisted by Mrs. Sumner C. Pattee, Miss Charlotte N. Tibbetts and Mrs. Edward O’B. Gonia. Mrs. Henry Smith furnished the music, and during the evening, Miss Roberta sang one number and Hugh A. Davis also sang. It was planned to make this dance the last of the series, but many requests were received to continue them that another was announced for the night of April 1.”

Playing at the Colonial Theatre:

Ronald Colman “at his best as Dick Heldar…artist…adventurer…dreamer…lover…” in “The Light that Failed,” with Walter Huston and Ida Lupino.

March 20, 1986

Speedway Scouts

”Winners in the recent Pinewood Derby model car races were Scott Hoenig (first), Joe Benjamin (second), and Andy Maguire (third). Pack leader is Dr. John Gage.”

Belfast Math Team Wins…

”The Belfast Lions math team traveled to Gardiner on Tuesday for the last regularly scheduled meet of the 1986 season in second place behind the Bangor Rams. Not only did Belfast win the meet, it jumped past the Rams for the title as champions of the Central Maine Math League. The top five finishers in this year's champions are Shep Smith, Lori Brown, Jenny Mick, Jenny Jooper and Chris Babcock.”