One week after Midcoast middle school wrestlers — most notably Troy Howard of Belfast and Oceanside of Thomaston/Rockland — dominated the Eastern regional competition, the same young mat squads battled again for overall Pine Tree Wrestling League supremacy Saturday, March 23 and, once again, it was the young Lions who used talent, depth and overall determination to outdistance the Mariners, and the rest of the field, to win the coveted crown.

The league championships were contested close to home for most Midcoast student-athletes at Camden-Rockport Middle School.

Troy Howard, which also won the regional crown a week ago in Bucksport, actually raced away from the competition with 154 points, as Oceanside was second at 104.5.

When the day's competition had ended, the Lions had crowned three league champs, a runners-up, four third places and a fourth to help secure the title.

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Among the other Midcoast teams, Oceanside finished with two firsts, two seconds and two thirds, while Medomak Middle School, which finished fourth, had two seconds, two thirds and two fourths and Hope-Appleton-Lincolnville, which was seventh, two seconds, and a third and fourth. Camden-Rockport Middle School, which tied for 13th, came home with a champion.

The Midcoast student-athletes who finished as PTWL champions included Troy Howard's Patrick Curtis (82 pounds), Jacob Waterman (124) and Edwin Johnson (240); Camden-Rockport's Elvis Bowen (138); and Oceanside's Connor McGonagle (103) and Chris Christian (190).

There were 22 teams represented at the meet.

The team scores were: Troy Howard 154.4, Oceanside 104.5, Mountain Valley of Rumford 102, Medomak 81.5, Nokomis of Newport 77.5, Dirigo of Dixfield 64, HAL 58, SaWaLi 56, Oxford Hills of South Paris 55, Hancock 54, Bath 42, Gardiner 34.5, Bucksport 29, CRMS 29, Mount Ararat of Topsham 27, Augusta 22, Brunswick 22, Ellsworth 12, SUGG of Lisbon Falls 8, Hampden 4, Monmouth 4 and Connors-Emerson of Bar Harbor no score.

The area athletes who qualified for the league championship meet, and their regional placing, included:

Camden-Rockport — Elvis Bowen (1st at 138 pounds), Zac Collins (3rd at 117), Seth Young (4th at 170) and Isaac Hall (4th at 190). In the league championships, Bowen finished first.

HAL — Dawson Allen (2nd at 82), Gage Modery (2nd at 110), Nicholas Winter (2nd at 155), Noah Lang (3rd at 89), Adrian Joy (3rd at 145) and Rylee Rapp (4th at 75). In the league championships, Allen and Lang finished second, Joy third and Rapp fourth.

Medomak — Korbin Daniels (1st at 145), Quinn Ashmore (1st at 155), Duncan Widdecombe (2nd at 75), Steven Thompson (2nd at 117), Gage Ruano (2nd at 170), Cole Ashmore (3rd at 131) and Eli Miller (4th at 103). In the league championships, Daniels and Ruano finished second, Widdecombe and Quinn Ashmore third and Cole Ashmore and Thompson fourth.

Oceanside — Alex Fogarty (1st at 75), Ben Ripley (1st at 89), Connor McGonagle (1st at 103), Chris Christian (1st at 190), Regan Billingsley (1st at 210), Ian Goff (2nd at 240), Tyler Sawyer (3rd at 155), Shannon Ripley (4th at 117), David Young (4th at 124) and Alex McLaughlin (4th at 131). In the league championships, McGonagle and Christian finished first, Billingsley and Sawyer second and Ben Ripley and Goff third.

Troy Howard — Patrick Curtis (1st at 82), Edwin Johnson (1st at 240), Jacob Racioppi (1st at 110), Austin Merando (2nd at 96), Brendan Bruns (2nd at 103), Jacob Waterman (2nd at 124), John Gogano (2nd at 131), Konnor Harford (2nd at 145), Simon LaCasse (2nd at 210), Caleb Hilt (3rd at 170) and Travis Tran (3rd at 190). In the league championships, Curtis, Johnson and Waterman finished first, Racioppi second, Merando, Hilt, Tran and LaCasse third and Bruns fourth.

The individual PTWL meet results for Midcoast competitors included:

75 pounds — Duncan Widdecombe, Med, pinned Jack Tibbetts, SUGG, at 2:25; lost to Noah Dumas, Aug, 7-6; pinned Josh Thibodeau, MountVal, at 1:00; and beat Rylee Rapp, HAL, 6-3 in the consolation final. Widdecombe finished third.

Rylee Rapp, HAL, lost to Noah Dumas, Aug, 7-4; pinned Jack Tibbetts, SUGG, at 3:32; pinned Alex Fogarty, Ocean, at 5:00 (overtime); and lost to Duncan Widdecombe, Med, 6-3 in the consolation final. Rapp finished fourth.

Alex Fogarty, Ocean, pinned Victor Verrill, Dir, at 0:49; lost to Jacob Booth, Nok, 12-6; and was pinned by Rylee Rapp, HAL, at 5:00 (overtime).

82 pounds — Patrick Curtis, TH, pinned Olivia Sirois, Mon, at 0:44; beat Foster Ashmore, Buck, 8-1; and pinned Dawson Allen, HAL, at 2:50 in the championship final. Curtis finished first.

Dawson Allen, HAL, pinned Vinny DeRoche, MountVal, at 2:54; beat Ethan Rac, SaWaLi, 7-5; and was pinned Patrick Curtis, TH, at 2:50 in the championship final. Allen finished second.

89 pounds — Noah Lang, HAL, won by major decision over Kolton Brochu, Gard, 9-1; beat Ben Ripley, Ocean, 7-5 in overtime; and was pinned by Danny Buteau, SaWaLi, at 0:34 in the championship final. Lang finished second.

Ben Ripley, Ocean, pinned Calvin Thompson, Mon, at 1:01; lost to Noah Lang, HAL, 7-5 in overtime; beat Jon Wainwright, Dir, 13-7; and beat Logan Lord, Han, 7-2 in the consolation final. Ripley finished third.

96 pounds — Austin Merando, TH, pinned Jordan Douglas, Bath, at 0:09; lost by major decision to Christian Jensen, Brun, 14-0; pinned Keigan Riccard, Buck, at 2:29; and pinned Aaron Lettre, Aug, at 2:58 in the consolation final. Merando finished third.

103 pounds — Connor McGonagle, Ocean, pinned Jackson Gordon, Brun, at 0:55; won by technical fall over Hunter White, Dir, 16-0; and beat Ethan Boucher, MountVal, 1-0 in the championship final. McGonagle finished first.

Brendan Bruns, TH, beat Dylan Cobbett, OxH, 9-6; was pinned by Ethan Boucher, MountVal, at 2:30; won by major decision over Quinton Richards, Nok, 13-4; and lost to Hunter White, Dir, 6-2 in the consolation final. Bruns finished fourth.

Eli Miller, Med, was pinned by Ethan Boucher, MountVal, at 0:50; and lost to Dylan Cobbett, OxH, 4-0.

110 pounds — Jacob Racioppi, TH, pinned Andrew Pateneaude, SUGG, at 2:07; won by major decision over Reed Kiah, Hamp, 12-4; and lost by technical fall over Caleb Austin, MountVal, 20-1 in the championship final. Racioppi finished second.

Gage Modery, HAL, was pinned by Alex Brown, OxH, at 2:01; and was pinned by David Wilson, Nok, at 4:26.

117 pounds — Steven Thompson, Med, pinned Dawson Stevens, OxH, at 2:03; lost to Eddie DeRoche, MountVal, 11-8; beat Zac Collins, CR, 6-4 and lost by major decision against Bryce Whittemore, Dir, 8-0 in the consolation final. Thompson finished fourth.

Zac Collins, CR, lost to Bryce Whittemore, Dir, 7-3; won by major decision over Isaiah Cogwell, Bath, 15-7; and was beat Steven Thompson, Med, 6-4.

Shannon Ripley, Ocean, was pinned by Eddie DeRoche, MountVal, at 1:20; and was pinned by Dawson Stevens, OxH, at 4:22.

124 pounds — Jacob Waterman, TH, pinned Cameron Bell, Gar, at 2;16; pinned Colin Woodhead, Dir, at 1:25; and won by technical fall to Jacob Waterman, TH, 16-0 in the championship final. Waterman finished first.

David Young, Ocean, was pinned by Dempsey Carignan, Bath, at 1:16; and lost to Josh Wright, Ells, 6-5.

131 pounds — Cole Ashmore, Med, was pinned by Mike Harper, SaWaLi, at 1:29; pinned Dameon Patridge, SUGG, at 2:44; pinned John Golgano, TH, at 4:21; and was pinned by Mike Harper, SaWaLi, at 1:05 in the consolation final. Ashmore finished fourth.

John Golgano, TH, pinned Avery Amero, Mon, at 1:13; lost by major decision to Tucker Barnett, Dir, 8-0; and was pinned by Cole Ashmore, Med, at 4:21.

Alex McLaughlin, Ocean, was pinned by Tucker Barnett, Dir, at 0:50; and was pinned Avery Amero, Mon, at 3:33.

138 pounds — Elvis Bowen, CR, pinned Cameron Turner, Dir, at 1:00; pinned Elijah Ames, Nok, at 1:48; and pinned Kyle Farrar, MountVal, at 1:27 in the championship final. Bowen finished first.

145 pounds — Korbin Daniels, Med, won by technical fall over Nic Dennis, SaWaLi, 16-1; beat Adrian Joy, HAL, 8-3; and was pinned by Robert Hetherman, MtA, at 0:26 in the championship final. Daniels finished second.

Adrian Joy, HAL, beat Brad Harriman, SUGG, 3-1; lost to Korbiin Daniels, Med, 8-3; pinned Darrin Buono, MountVal, at 2:10; and pinned Brad Harriman, SUGG, at 3:58 in the consolation final. Joy finished third.

Konnor Harford, TH, lost to Ivan Luu, Dir, 16-12; and was pinned by Darrin Buono, MountVal, at 2:20.

155 pounds — Tyler Sawyer, Ocean, pinned Sam Rideout, OxH, at 1:20; pinned Quinn Ashmore, Med, at 2:46; and was pinned by Raz Baltazar, Bath, at 4:01 in the championship final. Sawyer finished second.

Quinn Ashmore, Med, pinned Alex Ferland, Dir, at 2:54; was pinned by Tyler Sawyer, Ocean, at 2:46; won by major decision over Nicholas Winter, HAL, 10-0; and pinned Sam Rideout, OxH, at 3:14 in the consolation final. Ashmore finished third.

Nicholas Winter, HAL, lost by major decision to Jason Williams, MtA, 12-3; pinned Nate Self, Han, at 0:47; and lost by major decision to Quinn Ashmore, Med, 10-0.

170 pounds — Gage Ruano, Med, pinned Daniel Mills, Bath, at 0:31; pinned Nic Mills, Aug, at 2:45; and was pinned by Christopher Wilson, Nok, at 2:30 in the championship final. Ruano finished second.

Caleb Hilt, TH, pinned Tyler Brown, MountVal, at 1:14; lost by major decision to Christopher Wilson, Nok, 10-0; pinned Daniel Mills, Bath, at 0:55; and pinned Tyler Brown, MountVal, at 1:54 in the consolation final. Hilt finished third.

190 pounds — Chris Christian, Ocean, pinned Wyatt Charest, Aug, at 0:10; pinned Travis Tran, TH, at 1:20; and pinned John Blake, OxH, at 1:05 in the championship final. Christian finished first.

Travis Tran, TH, pinned Michael Arsenault, MountVal, at 2:20; was pinned by Chris Christian, Ocean, at 1:20; pinned Isaac Hall, CR, at 4:05; and beat Orion Fellis, Ells, 4-1 in the consolation final. Tran finished third.

Isaac Hall, CR, was pinned by John Blake, OxH, at 2:33; pinned Caden Temple, MtA, at 1:29; and was pinned by Travis Tran, TH, at 4:05.

210 pounds — Regan Billingsley, Ocean, pinned Christof Fox, Mon, at 0:18; pinned Jarrod Taylor, OxH, at 1:29; and lost to Ethan Votra, Gard, 8-4 in the championship final. Billingsley finished second.

Simon LaCasse, TH, pinned Austin Dyer, MtA, at 0:32; lost to Ethan Votra, Gard, 5-2; pinned David Gross, Buck, at 2:19; and pinned Jarrod Taylor OxH, at 0:56 in the consolation final. LaCasse finished third.

240 pounds — Edwin Johnson, TH, received first- and second-round byes; and pinned John Stinson, Gard, at 0:38 in the championship final. Johnson finished first.

Ian Goff, Ocean, received a first-round bye; lost by major decision to John Stinson, Gard, 11-2; and received a bye to the consolation final. Goff finished third.

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