The Waldo County Sheriff's Office confirmed deputies responded to the report of a suicide in which a student at Mount View Middle School took their own life Tuesday morning, March 26.

Waldo County Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton said the sheriff's office responded to the reported suicide at an area residence at 6:59 a.m. Deputy Matt Curtis and Detective Gerry Lincoln, who was formerly the resource officer for Regional School Unit 3, responded to the call.

Regional School Unit 3 Superintendent Heather Perry confirmed that a student did take their own life during a phone conversation Wednesday, March 27. Perry said as soon as the district was notified of the incident, a message was sent to parents of students at the middle school, alerting them to the situation.

The letter sent home to parents confirmed that a student took their own life, as well as offered advice for how parents could talk to their children about the incident.

"We believe it is important to let the community of parents know about this tragedy as soon as possible so that you may be aware of and prepared to address the impact this may have on your son or daughter," the letter states. "Your child may experience many different feelings and may want to share those feelings with you."

Perry said the letter was also sent home to parents of students at Troy Elementary School.

The district is working with the Crisis Network of Maine — available at 888-568-1112 — and counseling is available for students through the rest of the week and beyond, as necessary, Perry said.

Perry said administrators learned through conversations with students that the reasons for the student's ending their life were “multiple and complex.”

She continued, noting that there were three minor reports of teasing in regard to the student, but the student was facing issues outside of school as well.

During a telephone conversation Tuesday, April 2, Perry said the school is focusing on helping students understand the grieving process and the many emotions they are experiencing this week.

She also acknowledged that the investigations by the police and the school district are ongoing and that the school investigation will be ongoing as long as necessary to get as complete a picture as possible as to why the student chose to end their life.

The suicide is still an active investigation, Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton of the Waldo County Sheriff's Office said.

The Journal is intentionally not printing details that would allow the student to be identified.

Ben Holbrook contributed reporting to this story.