When Birthdays Grant Wishes

Happy birthday to Carl Farrar (March 15) and Matteo Albanese (March 22). Many birthdays are original. Some people celebrate with large parades and parties, while others would rather forget about their personal day. Back in the day, people had no way of keeping track of the time and payed little attention to a person's birth. It was the start of birthday history when the ancient people begun taking note of the moon's cycles, and the pattern of the seasons as they changed. Calenders were eventually invented to mark the time and changes to other days. Some people say birthdays are a form of protection. Common beliefs have it that when experiencing change, evil spirits are more dangerous to a person. By receiving gifts and happiness from the friends and family around you, the evil spirits are forced to ward off. The whole custom of lighting birthday candles on the cake was to send a prayer to the gods in the sky to signal your wish in hopes they will grant it. The song “Happy Birthday” was created by two sisters: Mildred and Patty Hill in 1893. The original words “Good Morning to You” were changed overtime, and are now sung at least once a year in houses across the world today. Learn more at coolest-kid-birthday-parties.com/birthday-history.

A little bit of psychology

As some of you know, I am taking my first college course this year called Psychology 101 with Dr. Mark Harmon. The class is very interesting though we haven't been able to meet much. One of our discussions was to talk about Erikson's Theory stages 5, 6 and 7 on human development. I thought this theory was pretty agreeable, and would like to share my part of the discussion with you guys so you can get a feel for what I am learning about this year.

Erikson believes that in Stage 5, how a person develops, has to do with what is done to us depending upon what we do. Life is getting harder because at this point, we are trying to figure out who we really are, struggle with social interactions, and deal with the moral issues of "growing up." At this stage, we are beginning to control our own lives; separating from the arms of our parents to become teenagers and soon, adults of our own. We need to overcome the obstacle of adapting as a member of a wider society. We don't have much experience. As if a philosophy of life was established, we would still have a hard time thinking in terms of conflict-free ideals.

In Stage 6, we are in young adulthood, and our ego develops when we begin seeking one or more companions — but most of all, love. Through marriage and friends, we try to seek out "mutually satisfying relationships." This stage is also when people begin to start a family. If nothing works out, we may feel distanced and isolated from others. If we are unsuccessful at creating satisfying relationships, then we feel superior to others in defense of our emptiness.

Stage 7 is when you are experiencing middle adulthood, your ego development has reached its outcome. Working and being in charge is significant toward production and care. We will worry about taming our kids, supporting ourselves, and keeping the environment stable. Sometimes the strength we get comes from others, and that's considered generativity. We tend to fear things like inactivity and meaninglessness. If children, relationships, or goals change, we may be faced with what the text explains as "major life changes, or mid-life crisis" Some people become self-absorbed if they are unsuccessful at surviving a change.

Attention students and staff of RSU 20 and the community

I am in need of more news and events. If anything is coming up that you would like the public to know about, then don't hesitate to email me! Also, I think I am ready to write about something involving the community outside of school. Please invite me places!


I have not forgotten about the duct-tape feature! It will be out soon starring Mr. Anthony McCarthy.

Shout outs

I would like to shout out to Uncle Clyde and Gramp in Jackson again. I would also like to shout out to my mommies Donna Albanese and Doris Reed. How is my grammy doing in Florida? I hope everyone is enjoying my columns!