A former Jobs for Maine Graduates teacher who was arrested on two occasions on charges of furnishing drugs to students and throwing an underage drinking party at a local hotel was successful in getting her bail amended so she can serve alcohol at her new place of work.

Justice Robert Murray granted that request from Sarah Lawler-Stoddard, 32, of Belfast, during her appearance at Fifth District Court in Belfast Thursday, March 28.

Murray appointed Lisa Whittier to serve as Lawler-Stoddard’s attorney, and scheduled a status conference for which Lawler–Stoddard must return to court Thursday, May 30.

Through her attorney, Lawler-Stoddard sought an amendment to her bail conditions, specifically the ones barring her from possessing alcohol or having any contact with people under the age of 21, because she was hired at a local restaurant at which serving alcohol is among her work responsibilities.

Following some discussion between Whittier and Waldo County Deputy District Attorney Eric Walker, Murray granted the amendment to Lawler-Stoddard’s bail.

Walker said Lawler-Stoddard is currently free on two separate $1,000 cash bails, both of which stem from the two times she was arrested in February.

The first set of charges against Lawler-Stoddard came as the result of an investigation by Belfast Area High School (BAHS) Resource Officer Greg Stearns and resulted in her arrest on a warrant charging her with eight counts of aggravated furnishing scheduled drugs Feb. 8 after students at the high school admitted to obtaining marijuana from Lawler-Stoddard and using the drug with her on occasion.

The next set of charges resulted from an alleged underage drinking party that police responded to at the Comfort Inn in Belfast during the early morning hours of Feb. 21, after which Lawler-Stoddard was arrested on a warrant on charges of furnishing liquor to a minor and violating conditions of release. In that case, according to court records, Lawler-Stoddard, along with an 18-year-old male, a 19-year-old male and an 18-year-old female – all former BAHS students – met at the hotel and drew attention to themselves, after which hotel staff called police to report a suspected ongoing underage drinking party.

Police seized the room and searched it, locating full and partially consumed bottles of alcohol, and court records state officers detected the smell of freshly burned marijuana in the room. Lawler-Stoddard reportedly left the scene after asking police permission to use the restroom, but police arrested her on the warrant about a week later.

The court was initially scheduled to consider the state’s motion to revoke Lawler-Stoddard’s bail Thursday, but the matter was continued until the May 30 status conference date.