Voters breezed through a 53-article warrant during the annual town meeting Saturday, March 30, and approved budget items totaling just over $316,600 for the coming year.

In the elections held Friday, March 29, veteran Selectwoman Diane Terry was re-elected to her position, and voters returned Elwin Boynton Sr. to the road commissioner post.

Most articles passed with little or no discussion, but residents got a momentary reminder of the season when the Easter Bunny poked his head through the door at the Prospect Fire Station, presumably to check in on the progress of the meeting.

At the start of the meeting, Terry gave residents a rundown of how selectmen and the budget committee shaped this year’s budget.

Terry said because voters decided not to fund $60,000 worth of proposed road resurfacing projects at last years’ town meeting, and due to “a lot of frugality,” the town had a surplus of about $213,000 compared to the roughly $100,000 that was in the same account last year. The town was also able to carry over about $40,000 in revenue sharing, as well as some block grant money left from the previous year.

However, because the $60,000 is back in the budget this year, she said, and if voters approved the article — they did so later in the meeting — residents could expect to see the slight decrease they may have seen in last year’s property tax bills disappear.

Terry also spoke of the state’s move to cut revenue sharing to municipalities, an issue Sen. Mike Thibodeau, R-Winterport, briefly addressed at the start of the meeting. Thibodeau said the legislature is now working on finding a way to restore revenue sharing, but Terry said even if the state does not, the town would continue to receive some money through the end of June.

“We would lose half in our budget year, and next year, I don’t know,” she said.

As residents moved through the warrant, they approved a total of $2,001 in requests from Waldo Community Action Partners and $5,421 for social programs including Waldo County YMCA, The Red Cross and New Hope for Women.

Voters passed over Article 44, which sought a total of $450 in funding for Broadreach, Waldo County Search and Rescue and Maine Public Broadcasting Network, and Selectman William Sneed Jr. explained the article did not contain recommendations from either the Board of Selectmen or the town budget committee.

Budget Committee member Calvin Cooper said because all three of those organizations represented new requests this year, the committee opted not to make a recommendation because the members were unsure if voters would fund them.

“We don’t have a sense of where the town wanted to go,” said Cooper.

Voters approved amendments to the Prospect Subdivision Ordinance. Cooper, who is also a member of the Planning Board, said the ordinance was updated to reflect current state statutes. Residents also authorized selectmen to investigate the possibility of joining the Maine Municipal Association property and casualty pool program.