After an informal chat/coffee session with selectmen, the annual Waldo Town Meeting for 2013 began promptly at 9:30 a.m. First Selectman Kathy Littlefield opened proceedings with a pledge of allegiance.

Voters chose Walter Whitcomb as moderator and Whitcomb quickly presented and disposed of the first three articles, after which voters chose new officers for the current municipal year. Some town officers were not up for reelection, since their terms had not yet expired.

The slate of town officers for Waldo for 2013 include:

Third Selectman — Shirley Caler

Town Clerk — Sandra Smith

Treasurer — Kellie Jacobs

Fire Chief — Jacob Hepner

Emergency Management Director — Alfonzo “Tom” Wagner

Road Commissioner — Alvin Winslow

Animal control officer — Kelly McGray

Planning Board Member — Gerard Corbin

Associate Planning Board members — Kyle Hawthorn and Bill Pieske

RSU 3 Director — Ryan Harnden

Tax Collector — Sandra Smith

Excise Tax Collector — Sandra Smith.

Salaries remained the same as last year for all town officers, except that Animal Control Officer was awarded a $100 raise.

Swiftly moving through the agenda to Article 19, a lengthy article that asked to see what sum of money the town would raise for town accounts, voters chose to vote upon the article and all subheadings as one bloc. In doing so, the town approved the sums of $95,350 from Taxes, $87,500 from Excise Taxes, $23,000 from URIP (Department of Transportation) and $48,000 from surplus.

In other actions, the town voted to give $250 to New Hope For Woman, down from the $495 listed in the town warrant. Also, voters approved $2,500 for all Waldo Community Partners, as opposed to the $3,846 that that agency had requested. First Selectman Kathy Littlefield explained to the Waldo Community Partners representative that with an uncertain economic future and much belt-tightening on the part of all Waldo residents, it was unrealistic to appropriate a larger sum. The $2,500 was awarded to Waldo Community Partners to do with as they wish, and not specifically designated for any of the programs listed in the town warrant.

In further business, Waldo voters chose to a total of $0 to Belfast Area Children’s Center and Starrett Children’s Center, $0 to Broadreach Family and Community Services and $0 to Midcoast Maine Community Action.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:28.