City councilors unanimously approved a proposal from the Belfast Co-op to operate the concession stand in City Park Tuesday, April 2.

The Co-op proposed operating the concession stand seven days a week,10 a.m. to 3 p.m., from May 12 to September 8. According to the proposal, the Co-op would enter into a one-year contract with the city, and any future contracts would be based on the success of the first year.

Councilors praised the proposal from the Co-op with Councilor Mike Hurley commenting on how important it is to have an operational concession stand in the park.

“The concession stand becomes the eyes and ears of the city,” he said. “It’s critical to keep it a nice, civilized place.”

During the previous year, Dan Alex operated the concession stand, known as “The Spot.”

In the proposal to councilors, the Co-op explains its menu would be an extension of what is offered in the store.

The proposal states, the stand could offer salads and sandwiches — both pre-made and made to order — burgers, hot dogs and possibly nachos and quesadillas.

“We would also look to offer fresh fruit, drinks (including water), and ice cream” the proposal stated.

Depending on customer demand, other products could be added to the menu.

Offering high-quality food isn’t the only goal of the Co-op’s concession stand, as the proposal explains that the menu items will also be priced to make sure they are as affordable as possible.

According to a sample menu, a hamburger would cost $3; a hot dog $2; a salad $3 and sandwiches would range between $4.50 and $6.50.

Councilor Mary Mortier was especially impressed with the prices, commenting that she felt they are “very reasonable.”

The Co-op offered to pay the city $200 per month to cover the cost of renting the building and utilities. A request was included in the proposal that the Co-op would prefer not to be responsible for the bathrooms on the weekend, which was a question raised by Councilor Nancy Hamilton.

Hamilton asked City Manager Joe Slocum if the city had someone who could clean the bathrooms. He said someone was hired.

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