An in-cruiser laptop helped police arrested a man who was wanted on a warrant out of New Hampshire after responding to a complaint about an apparent agreement between neighbors that turned sour.

Shawn Grant, 34, who shows a Ward Hill Road address in Troy as well as a Manchester, N.H., address, was arrested on an extraditable warrant for a parole violation and was summoned on a fugitive from justice charge Tuesday, April 10.

Waldo County Chief Deputy Jeff Trafton said Deputy Jordan Tozier responded to a trespassing complaint from a man on Ward Hill Road in Troy who stated he had an arrangement with Grant concerning woodcutting the man needed done.

Trafton said the man called police because Grant had come to his home and asked for $50.

"The older gentleman felt intimidated," said Trafton. "He gave [Grant] the $50, but he didn't feel good about it. He basically just didn't want him to come back."

Tozier went and spoke with Grant, who told the officer he considered the $50 a loan toward future work he planned to do for the complainant.

After speaking with Grant, Trafton said Tozier was on his way back to talk to the complainant when dispatchers at Waldo County Regional Communications Center reporteded Grant's background check showed he was wanted in New Hampshire.

Trafton said Tozier was able to confirm the man he spoke to moments before was the same man New Hampshire authorities were seeking because along with a copy of his criminal record, Tozier also received a mugshot of Grant.

Records at the Waldo County Sheriff's Office do not indicate the nature of the charges Grant faces in that state.

Trafton said Tozier went back to Grant's residence, but a man who was working in the dooryard told the officer Grant had left in a pickup truck. After further questioning from Tozier, however, Trafton said the man admitted Grant was inside the house.

Tozier went inside and located Grant hiding inside a closet. Grant was arrested without incident, and Trafton said Grant offered to return the $50 to the complainant.

Trafton said the availability of technology officers have access to while on scene helps officers more quickly identify individuals, particularly in instances such as what occurred in this case.

"This technology helps us to do that now more than ever," said Trafton.

As of 11 a.m. Friday, April 12, Trafton said Grant remained in custody at Waldo County Jail. Grant is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday, May 7.