A Belfast man who was shot by a police officer after a brief chase in June 2011 will attend a second offender alternative sentencing program to satisfy a portion of his sentence.

Benjamin Thompson, 28, will attend the program, located at Camp Wallace in Jefferson, in October, according to Waldo County Deputy District Attorney Eric Walker. Walker recommended the court impose concurrent sentences of 12 days in jail on the three remaining charges Thompson had yet to be sentenced for in connection with the June 8, 2011, incident — criminal operating under the influence, failure to stop for an officer and possession of a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.

In addition, Walker asked Justice Robert A. Murray to order a three-year license suspension and a $700 fine on the criminal operating under the influence charge, as it was Thompson's second offense.

Thompson's attorney, Steven C. Peterson, agreed with Walker's sentencing recommendation, and Murray took the recommendation as the attorneys presented it.

Murray told Thompson his time in the program would fulfill the 12-day jail sentences as long as he completed the program by the end of October.

Earlier this month, Thompson pleaded guilty to a criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon charge just prior to his scheduled retrial on that charge. Walker moved for the retrial last year after a jury returned guilty verdicts on three of the five charges Thompson faced — keeping a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, operating under the influence (with one prior conviction) and failure to stop for a police officer. Jurors additionally found Thompson not guilty of threatening display of a weapon, but told Murray they were deadlocked after four hours of deliberation on the criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon charge.

The plea deal on the criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon charge requires Thompson to remain on $1,000 cash bail with special conditions that he cannot use or possess alcohol, illegal drugs or dangerous weapons, including firearms, according to previously published reports. He must also submit to random searches of his residence, vehicles and person. In addition, Thompson must sign and obey a contract with Volunteers of America and attend and complete psychological and substance abuse counseling to the satisfaction of Volunteers of America. As long as Thompson abides by his bail conditions and does not commit any new crimes, he can withdraw his plea to the felony charge, which will be reduced to a misdemeanor criminal threatening charge, and pay a fine of $500.

If Thompson does not abide by the bail conditions, then his plea to the felony criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon charge will stand and he will go to sentencing with no plea agreement.