The city is modifying parking and traffic flow at the Upper Bridge Eastside to improve safety and address concerns from private property owners.

As part of the proposal, the city would install telephone pole-sized stumps that would be able to be removed if the city needs to access the area with a larger vehicle or other piece of equipment.

City Manager Joseph Slocum stressed that the barriers are not an attempt to eliminate or limit access; it is simply to prevent people from driving their vehicles all the way down to the end of the right-of-way.

In a letter to the Council from residents Russell Barber and Mary Bigelow there are several suggestions for how the public access at Upper Bridge East could be improved. The suggestions include creating parking near the intersection of Kaler Road and Robbins Road; installing a wooden gate across the right-of-way; adopting a sunrise to sunset hours of use policy and installing additional plantings to make the area more attractive and protect it from storm water damage.

Slocum noted that the barriers would not prevent people from walking, fishing or pulling a canoe or kayak from the parking area to the water. In addition to the installation of the barriers, Slocum said the city would install an entrance sign at the upper entrance to the public way and an exit sign at the lower side, where there is a blind curve.

Councilor Eric Sanders suggested installing a round mirror, possibly on the exit sign, to increase visibility for drivers, which Slocum agreed would be a good idea. Councilor Roger Lee asked if Barber and his wife approved of the plan, which Slocum said they did.

The work on the right-of-way will be done this spring, Slocum said.

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