City councilors awarded the bid to replace broken fuel lines for the harbor gas pumps to a Brewer-based contractor Monday, April 29.

C&C Contractors will remove and replace approximately 260 feet of diesel and gas fuel lines and a small sump pump for $36,000. Currently, the city is using a sump pump that is in need of repairs to capture any fuel leaking from the damaged lines.

The existing fuel lines were damaged when work was done on the wharf in previous years, Harbormaster Katherine Pickering told councilors during a meeting in February.

Pickering told The Republican Journal the new sump pump will be installed near the fuel tanks as a replacement to the pump that needs repairs. She said the sump pump is required under state environmental protection laws.

While the city could have paid to repair the sump pump, which would have cost about $17,000, Pickering cautioned councilors that making the repairs would not guarantee that the pump wouldn’t leak again and require more costly repairs.

When initial discussions began regarding the replacement of the lines in February, Councilor Roger Lee questioned whether it would be worthwhile to replace the existing fuel tanks, as well. The city has two tanks, a 1,500-gallon diesel tank and a 2,500-gallon gasoline tank, on the waterfront. Pickering told councilors during the February meeting that the city has an agreement with its fuel provider to allow for daily deliveries if needed, which eliminates the need for larger fuel tanks.

Pickering said there are no plans at this time to install larger fuel tanks while the lines and sump pump are being replaced.

City Manager Joseph Slocum said Belfast’s engineer verified that C&C Contractors is qualified to do the work. Work is expected to begin May 6, with initial excavation of the lines taking at least a couple of days, Pickering said. She noted that all of the work to replace the lines and pump should be completed by the end of the week.

Slocum received approval from councilors to transfer funds from the city’s gas and diesel account to pay for the work.

Councilors approved the bid award 3-0, with councilors Roger Lee and Eric Sanders absent.

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