May 3, 1850

"On Saturday morning last, about 3 o'clock, the 'Farmers' House,' owned by H. H. Johnson and occupied as a tavern by Josiah N. White, was discovered to be on fire in the attic, and when the engines arrived on the ground the fire had broken out through the roof. Although the building was wholly consumed, the stable and other buildings immediately contiguous were prevented from taking fire. The fire caught in the attic, and from what cause is yet unknown. It is reported that money to the amount of $300 belonging to a man from the country, which he had placed in the bar and locked up for safe keeping, was either burnt or stolen.”

Hoop Poles, Hoop Poles!

“Wanted – five hundred thousand Nail Keg Hoop Poles, delivered at Gammons Point, Belfast, for which a fair price will be paid. For particulars inquire of James Gammons, at the Point, or Wm. E. Mitchell, at the Head of the Tide.”

April 29, 1897

Base Ball

“Two buck boards from the Belfast Livery Co., and one from L. L. Genthner's took a lot of boys to Camden to see a game between the Belfast Juniors and the Camdens. The Belfasts won, 30 to 5. They remained to a dance and got home at 4 o'clock next morning. The same day the old time rivals, the Congress street and Post Office nines, met. Victory perched on the banners of the former – score 26 to 9.“

Columbia Bicycles

“1897 Models, 5 per cent Nickel Steel Tubing, Standard of the World, have no equal, $100. Geo T. Read, Agent, 44 Main Street, Belfast.”

May 3, 1934

Playing at the Colonial Theatre:

Eddie Cantor in "Roman Scandals" with Ruth Etting, Gloria Stuart, David Manners and the Goldwyn Girls.

"It happens every so often… Someone is displeased at a columnist's view of something or other and straightway digs out a piece of paper and, without stopping to use any amount of grey matter he might possess, he composes a letter to the editor calling said writer a chump or whatever name comes into his head at the time and most often, fails to sign his John Hancock at the bottom… Those editorial efforts always land in the waste-basket."

April 29, 1982

BAHS Band Visits And Plays Capitol

by Jan Wyper

"A beautiful sunny spring day welcomed to Washington D. C. the 56 member Belfast High School Band which played among the tulips and fountains on the steps of the Capitol Building on April 14. The band stopped off in Washington during their 'Southern Tour' which is in fact an exchange program with the Waynesboro, Penn., High School Band which will come to Belfast April 29 to May 3. Directed by Sandra Dillon, the band lured passers-by with Invicta Overture for Band and a celebration of John Lennon among other melodies."

Playing at the Belfast Drive-In: John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd in "Neighbors," and Bill Murray in "Stripes."