The former Unity High School and Regional School Unit 3 central office is being demolished to make way for a new town office.

Prior to its demolition, which began in late August, the building, located at 74 School St., housed the RSU 3 central office and also served as a high school. Heather Perry, superintendent of RSU 3, said the district acquired the building in the 1960s and used it as a high school until it was later converted to the central office in the 1970s and continued to be used for that purpose until 2010.

Since moving out of the building in 2010, Perry said the structure has sat vacant and stated the space was “not useable in the condition it was in,” without sinking a considerable amount of money into renovations.

Without a use for the space, the RSU 3 school board voted in the spring to turn the property over to the Town of Unity at no cost. Perry said the town has been renting space in the Unity Elementary School since 2011 after it moved from Clifford Common.

According to previously published reports, the town had an agreement with the owner of the commercial complex at Clifford Common that would allow the town office to operate in the building rent-free. However, the building was eventually sold and the new owner declined to continue to offer the space at no cost to the town, according to previously published reports.

During the annual town meeting in March, residents authorized the selectmen to take out a $250,000 bond to construct the new town office on the 74 School St. property. The $250,000 bond covers the cost of demolishing the former central office building.

At the town meeting, selectmen described the new town office as being equivalent to the size of a small home with an attached garage.

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