Jamie Lucas has always had an eye for all things miniature.

An empty container for coffee creamer might be trash to most people; to Lucas, it's the beginnings of a lampshade or wastebasket. And old wool sock became a stack of folded sweaters, which Lucas placed at the foot of a bed in the intricately decorated dollhouse that graces the front of her longtime business, Jamie's Miniatures.

Lucas opened her shop in Belfast as a labor of love about 16 years ago, and for the last three years the miniature and model shop has neighbored the famed Perry's Nut House on Route 1 in Belfast.

But now, Lucas said she's made the decision to move her business once more and will this time take up residence a few miles up the road at the Searsport Antique Mall.

"I'm going to start moving by October first, and finish up by Halloween," she said.

The decision was an emotional one for Lucas, who said she's been able to recreate her childhood through her shop. Over the years she's established connections with others all over the world who take their hobby quite seriously. One woman Lucas knows recreates classical works of art in the tiniest form, and the works sell for hundreds of dollars. Another miniature artist Lucas knows in France specializes in all things food — Lucas once commissioned the woman to make five custom lobster rolls complete with tiny dishes of melted butter at the request of a customer.

Lucas has fond memories of her first customers, one of whom regularly visited the store with her dad, with some visits spanning hours. Lucas didn't fully understand the significance of those lengthy father-daughter visits to her shop until she learned the girl's father was fighting cancer.

"He passed away when she was 14," recalled Lucas.

Lucas, who still keeps in touch with the girl who is now all grown up, said the girl's father left her with two fully furnished dollhouses, both of which feature merchandise the two selected at Jamie's Miniatures.

"I told her she would have that for the rest of her life, those memories with her father," said Lucas.

Lucas has many other stories of others who have found ways to connect with her or each other, with her shop being the main meeting place of those who love the hobby as much as Lucas does.

Even when she completes the move to her new location, Lucas intends to continue encouraging all of her customers, young and old, to always stop and appreciate the little things.

"I tell them to stay in mini-land forever," she said with a smile.