Fall fury on Saturday, Oct. 5 marked the final day of racing this season at Wiscasset Speedway. It was a crisp day, and although rain threatened initially, the weather was clear for the day.

On the agenda were all eight racing divisions: New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock, Mini Trucks, Thunder 4s, Outlaw Mini, Strictly Street, Super Stock, Late Model Sportsman, and Pro Stock. Also racing Saturday were all divisions of the Wicked Good Vintage Racers and the Amsoil Nelcar Legends. The flex race of the week was a 100-lap Enduro.

First on the track were the New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock race cars.The  20-lap feature was caution-free and drivers sped to the finish. Starting in the pole position was Kamren Knowles. Behind him were Ryan Hayes and Travis Dunbar. When the green flag went down, Hayes pulled ahead on the front stretch and took the lead. Jeff Prindall shot from the back of the pack from the outside and took third place from Dunbar.

Lap three saw Knowles retake the lead. When Hayes fell back, Prindall saw an opportunity to pass him also, and moved to the inside of the back stretch and passed Hayes for second. Prindall moved up the track, dogging the heels of Knowles. During lap five Prindall passed Knowles for the lead, but Knowles was determined to win. The pair raced neck and neck for four laps, until Prindall managed to get a car length lead on lap nine.

Race leaders remained the same until the checkered. Prindall placed first. Prindall was declared New England 4 Cylinder Pro Stock Champ last Saturday by the NE4CP Division. Prindall’s win made it his sixth top three of the season at Wiscasset.

Knowles came in second. Rounding out the top three was Ryan Hayes. It was Hayes' first visit to victory lane this year at Wiscasset.

A short 15-lap Mini Truck feature was next. Starting at the pole was Matt Wile. Behind him was Dave Cameron and Matt Curtis. From the start, Cameron pulled ahead and took the lead. Cameron dominated the event, gaining a 10-truck length lead over his closest competitor. There was one caution during lap two, when Wile lost control and went into the back stretch wall. Wile was fine although his truck was too damaged to finish the race. Curtis moved up to second place, and Keith Petrin moved up to take third.

Cameron took first. It was Cameron’s first appearance at Wiscasset Speedway. Cameron raced Road Runners this year at Beech Ridge. He won five out of seven races for the season there.

Curtis took second. It was Curtis’s second top three finish of the racing season here at Wiscasset. Taking third was Keith Petrin. It was Petrin’s first win at Wiscasset this year.

The first racing group of the Wicked Good Vintage Racers hit the track next. This group included Late Model and Modified Racers. The 20-lap race was filled with leader changes and plenty of excitement. Starting in the pole position was Brian Hughes. Behind him was Dean Grant and Rosey Gerry.

Grant passed Hughes for first off the start. Kevin Waterhouse passed Gerry on the outside of turn three during lap one. Waterhouse passed Hughes to take the lead. Waterhouse dropped back and Hughes moved back into the lead.

Coming from the back of the pack was Caleb Willette. Willette went to the outside and moved to first place, passing Hughes. Keith Smalley moved up to claim third. Both Willette and Hughes raced furiously for first place. Behind them Smalley and Mark Thurlow looked for third place. It was not until lap 19 that Willette finally solidified his lead and claimed first. Thurlow pulled up on the outside of turn three during lap 19 and took second, passing Hughes. Hughes fell back, and Bobby Symonds swooped in from behind to snag third. Willette took first, Thurlow second and Symonds third.

The Wicked Good Racers second group of racers included the Sportsman and Outlaw Divisions. They were next on the track for a 20-lap race. Starting at the pole was Scott Tucker. Behind him was Bob Guyon and Wally Henderson. Before the conclusion of lap one, Guyon had surged ahead on the outside to take the lead. John Rice followed suit and took an outside line to move up the track to second. Adam Chadbourne also moved to the outside and passed to take third.

Chadbourne, during lap four, moved to the inside to pass both Guyon and Rice. Paul Pierce followed the inside track Chadbourne had blazed and moved to second. Mechanical issues saw Chadbourne head to the pits during lap five. Pierce moved to first, Rice second and Henderson third. Race leaders remained the same until the finish with Pierce first, Rice second and Henderson third.

Next on the racing schedule was the Thunder 4 Division. Included in this race was one Outlaw Mini race car, as that was the only Outlaw Mini to arrive for racing. Rob Greenleaf was the Outlaw Mini winner. The remaining field of cars were all Thunder 4s. The first Thunder 4 in the lineup was Kyla Roussel. Behind her was Jamie Heath and Kevin Bernatchez.

There was a scramble on the track during lap two on turn three. Bernatchez moved to first, Roussel second and Heath third. During lap 13, Ryan Chadwick passed Heath on the outside of the back stretch for third.

With one lap to go, Roussel moved to the inside on the front stretch going into turn one, she crept ahead for the lead. Then Chadwick advanced coming out of turn two to battle for position. Three wide the trio headed onto the back stretch towards turn three. Coming into turn three there was a scuffle on the track with cars bumping against each other and going off the track. The race leaders abruptly changed and finished under a yellow checkered flag. Cody Robbins emerged from the melee as race winner. Taking second was Adam Armstrong and Bernatchez third.

The Amsoil Nelcar Legend cars were at the Speedway on Saturday for 25p-lap race. The Legend cars had already completed their tour for points, and the race was only for national points. Legend points winner, Mathew Bourgoine, was on hand for the race on Saturday.

Starting in the pole position was Kevin Girard Jr. Behind him was Alan Smith and Tylar Braunschweig. During lap one, Braunschweig passed Smith for second on the inside of turn three. Bourgoine moved up from his fifth place starting position to claim third. During lap two, Bourgoine passed Braunschweig on the inside of turn three for second. John Peters passed Braunschweig on turn three on the inside for third.

Lap seven saw Peters pass Girard for second on the inside of turn three. During lap 13 Braunschweig passed Girard for third on the inside of turn three. Race leaders remained constant until race conclusion. Points champion Bourgoine took the win. Coming in second was Peters and Braunschweig third.

An action-packed Strictly Street race was next. This 25-lap race saw 14 cars battle to position. Despite three cautions, the race moved quickly along. Starting at the pole was John Lizotte. Behind him was Ben Erskine and Mack Hannon. After a false start, Lizotte was sent to the back. Chuck Gray moved to third position. Lap four saw the first leader change with Guy Childs moving from behind to pass Gray on the inside of turn three for third.

The first caution of the race came during lap six. The next caution was right on the heels of the first. A three-wide situation developed as the top three race leaders fought for position. A caution was called after Childs made contact with another car. Childs went to the back of the pack. On the ensuring restart, Erskine moved to the lead. Hannon and Ryan Ripley battled for second. Ripley moved to second when he passed Hannon on the inside of turn one on lap seven. Richard Spaulding moved outside during lap seven and passed Hannon for third.

During lap 10, Spaulding passed Ripley on the back stretch for second. Then, on lap 11, Hannon clipped the back of Ripley causing Ripley to spin on the track. The third caution of the race was called. Both Ripley and Hannon were sent to the back of the pack. Guy Childs moved to third.

Childs passed Spaulding on the inside of turn two during lap 11 for second. Then, during lap 12, Childs passed Erskine on the inside of turn one for first. Spaulding passed Erskine during lap 15 for second. Race leaders remained the same to the checkered. Childs placed first. It was Child’s eighth top-three finish this racing season at Wiscasset. Spaulding placed second and Erskine third.

A 30-lap Super Stock race was quick and straight forward. Starting at the pole position was Josh Bailey. In second and third were Dan Nessmith and James Osmond. The only leader change came right at the start when Osmond passed Nessmith on the inside of turn one during lap one for second. Bailey watched the race from his rear view mirror, looking to see if they would catch up to him. Bailey took the checkered. It was Bailey’s ninth top-three finish at Wiscasset. Placing second was Osmond. It was Osmond’s 11th top three of the Wiscasset racing season. Rounding out the top three was Nessmith.

The Late Model Sportsman Division was next to race. This 25-lap race had two cautions due to crashes. The race was shortened to 25-laps from 35 due to the reduced number of cars competing after the cautions. Starting at the pole was Nick Hinkley. Following him was Danny Smart and Seth Bridge. During lap one, R.J. Pinkham passed Bridge on the outside of turn two for third. Allan Moeller Jr. passed Pinkham on the outside of the back stretch for third during lap two.

The first caution of the race came during lap six when Pinkham and Corey Walker scraped together. Pinkham spun into the back stretch wall. Walker spun on the track. Dan Nessmith tried to avoid the cars on the race track and went into the infield and needed to be towed away.

Hinkley, Moeller and Bridge led the restart, and then during lap eight, Moeller got loose on the track and tapped Hinkley. Hinkley spun, Moeller went into the turn one/turn two wall. Cars tried to avoid the scene, but Walker’s car spun and took damage, and Josh Bailey took damage and was towed to the pits.

When racing action resumed Hinkley was still in the lead. D.J. Moody had moved to second, and Pinkham moved to third. On lap 15, Pinkham passed Moody on the front stretch for second. Hinkley placed first. This is Hinkley’s eighth top-three finish this racing season at Wiscasset. Pinkham placed second and Moody third.

The last division race of the day was a 20-lap Pro Stock feature. This race was shortened by 10 from a 30-lap race to a 20-lap race due to a thinned out field of cars. Staring at the pole was Shane Lane. Behind him was John Rideout and Ed Trask. An early race caution caused a restart with Rideout dropping back in the pack. Bobby Nadeau moved to third. On the restart, Trask faltered and Nadeau moved to second. Kevin Sherman advanced up the track and passed Trask for third.

Sherman passed Nadeau for second on the inside of turn one during lap four. Nadeau passed Sherman taking back second during lap six. A mechanical failure sent race leader Lane to the pits, and a caution was thrown during lap seven. Sherman moved to second and Nadeau took the lead. Ed Trask moved to third. Despite another caution, race leaders remained constant until the cars flew under the checkered. Nadeau placed first. This was Nadeau’s first victory at Wiscasset Speedway this year. Kevin Sherman placed second. It was Sherman’s first top-three finish in the Pro Stock Division this year. Trask took third. This was Trask’s first race in the Pro Stock Division this year, and his first top-three finish.

A 100-lap Enduro was the last race of the day. The track was full with 27 cars competing in the race. David Thurlow was an early race leader, but with 80 laps still to go, he dropped back after he went to the pits. Nick Hanson also was an early race leader, but car trouble began to plague him also. Kevin Sherman moved from his last-place start to first by lap 32, and he managed to hang onto that lead for the remainder of the race, despite heavy competition. Sherman finished first, Randy Henderson second and Kyle Doery third.

The individual results from Oct. 5 racing were:

New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock (25 laps) — 1, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls; 2, Kamren Knowles, Readfield; 3, Ryan Hayes, Jefferson; 4, Travis Dunbar, Lewiston; 5, Barry Morris, town name unavailable; and 6, Jerry Bailey, town name unavailable.

Mini Truck (15 laps) — 1, Dave Cameron, Sanford; 2, Matt Curtis, Freeport; 3, Keith Petrin, no town given; 4, Kurt Irish, no town given; and 5, Matt Wile, no town given.

Wicked Good Vintage Racers: Late Model and Modified (20 laps) — 1, Caleb Willette, Winslow; 2, Mark Thurlow, Lincolnville; 3, Bobby Symonds, Casco; 4, Keith Smalley, Warren; 5, Brian Hughes, West Paris; 6, Mike Willette, Winslow; 7, no driver name or town given; 8, Rosey Gerry, Lincolnville; 9, George Brown, Pittston; and 10, Kevin Waterhouse, West Paris.

Wicked Good Vintage Racers: Sportsman and Outlaw (20 laps) — 1, Paul Pierce, Lincolnville; 2, John Rice, Bristol; and 3, Wally Henderson, Litchfield.

Mini Outlaw (competed with Thunder 4s) — 1, Rob Greenleaf, West Bath.

Thunder 4s (20 laps) — 1, Cody Robbins, Winslow; 2, Adam Armstrong, Bath; 3, Kevin Bernatchez, Vassalboro; 4, David Stone, Gorham; 5, Ryan Chadwick, Wiscasset; 6, Leandra Martin, Richmond; 7, Bryan Robbins, Montville; 8, Kyla Roussel, town name unavailable; 9, Jamie Heath, Waterford; 10, Travis Poulliot, Madison; and 11, Derek Farrington, no town given.

Amsoil Nelcar Legends (25 laps) — 1, Mathew Bourgoine, Newport; 2, John Peters, Westbrook; 3, Tylar Braunschweig, West Newfield; 4, Evan Beaulieu, Durham; 5, Kevin Girard Jr, Old Orchard Beach; 6, Alan Smith, Lincoln; 7, Charlie Buxton, Windham; 8, Terry Kirk, Durham; 9, Bob Weymouth, Topsham; 10, Ed Getty, Gray; 11, Peter Craig, Poland; 12, Matt Chagnot, Derry, N.H.; 13, Pete Cannell, South Berwick; and 14, Alicia Perry, Windham.

Strictly Street (25 laps) — 1, Guy Childs, Turner; 2, Richard Spaulding, Lisbon; 3, Ben Erskine, Farmington; 4, Chuck Gray, Wiscasset; 5, Zach Poland, Woolwich; 6, Mike Moody, Topsham; 7, Mack Hannon, Union; 8, Ryan Ripley, Waldoboro; 9, Phil Main Sr, Boothbay; 10, Mark Murphy, Edgecomb; 11, Gerry Freve, Buckfield; 12, John Lizzotte, Mechanic Falls; 13, Craig Robbins, Oakland; and 14, Paul Hopkins, Camden.

Super Stock (30 laps) — 1, Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 2, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 3, Dan Nessmith, Wiscasset; 4, Dave Langlais, town name unavailable; 5, Joe Creamer, Woolwich; and 6, Zac Creamer, Woolwich.

Late Model Sportsman (25 laps) — 1, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 2, R.J. Pinkham, Kingfield; 3, D.J. Moody, town name unavailable; 4, James Osmond, Wiscasset; 5, Seth Bridge, town name unavailable; 6, Allen Moeller Jr., Dresden; 7, Corey Walker, New Vinyard; 8, Chris Bowie, New Glouster; 9, Josh Bailey, Wiscasset; 10, Danny Smart, Buxton; and 11, Dan Nessmith, Wiscasset.

Pro Stock (20 laps) — 1, Bobby Nadeau, no town given; 2, Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset; 3, Ed Trask, Chelsea; 4, Shane Lane, Kingfield; and 5, John Rideout, Washington.

Enduro (100 laps) — 1, Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset; 2, Randy Henderson, Turner; 3, Kyle Doery, town name unavailable; 4, John Rines, Wiscasset; 5, Mike Marshall, Dresden; 6, Alex Dunning, town name unavailable; 7, Rodney Turner, Washington; 8, David Thurlow, Yarmouth; 9, Phil Main Jr, Trevett; 10, Jaren Mullan, town name unavailable; 11, Richard Jordan, Kingfield; 12, Travis Chaisson, Pittston; 13, Scott Eck, town name unavailable; 14, Jim Duguay, town name unavailable; 15, Jeff Davis, Woolwich; 16, Nick Hanson, town name unavailable; 17, Jay Verney, Alna; 18, Thomas Smith, Edgecomb; 19, Tyler Robinson, town name unavailable; 20, Jamie Norton, town name unavailable; 21, Gerry Freve, Buckfield; 22, Jason Stanley, Farmington; 23, Jason McKinnon, town name unavailable; 24, Jeff Minchin, Randolph; 25, Ron Whitcomb, Pittston; 26, Kimberly Knight, Farmington; and 27, Jason Weatherbee, Wiscasset.

Lisa Maguire writes for Wiscasset Speedway.