N.E. Patriots refuse to play any more football games

Bill Belichick, coach of the N.E. Patriots football team, in an interview with the ESPN sports network on Tuesday, announced that his team will refuse to play any more games until the N.Y. Giants football team allows the 2012 Super Bowl game, in which the Giants beat the Patriots, to be played again, and again and again until the Patriots win, fair and square.

In the interview, Belichick was asked why he would be willing to disrupt the entire NFL football season by refusing to play any more games, he responded saying: "It really isn't what I want to do, it's just that I have no choice."

"I have two children that are 4 and 5 and they are the ones that want the game replayed until we win." Bill further responded, " You know how children can be so cruel, having such small, undeveloped brains. They threatened to get a new father if I didn't do what they wanted, and that scares the heck out of me."

Stuart Loten,


In support of gay marriage

Who is to define that some people have the freedom to marry the people they choose, while others cannot? People who oppose gay marriage look at it from the religious aspect. It is understandable where they are coming from, but those who are involved in gay marriage are the ones who will be “sinning,” not those opposing the marriage. I believe that if you do not support it, then you should not associate yourself with those kinds of people.

I also believe that a lot more people benefit, as the parties involved get many lifestyle and monetary benefits and happiness, while those opposed are unhappy but are not severely affected  as Blake Ellis said on CNN. Those who oppose are not going to get punished by their God because other people are doing things they do not approve of. For example a teacher, who does not support marijuana use, is not going to get punished because a movie attendant smokes marijuana. Matt Slick, of CARM, says that homosexuality is a moral issue, and I completely agree.

Isn't it immoral to hold someone back from their freedoms of personal choice? Those who choose to be homosexual should have the same rights as every other person in the country. Who has the right to say they do not deserve the same rights as heterosexuals? America is supposed to be free.

Emily Blood