Oct. 10, 1856

Damage by Lightning — “On Monday evening about eight o’clock, the denizens of our quiet city received a shock such as has rarely happened to them. There was a shower, but without indications of thunder, when a tremendous bolt exploded immediately above High street, opposite Phoenix Row. Several persons felt severely the effects of the electricity. Several of the spouts to the stores were shattered and the store of Mr. Angier was considerably damaged by the concussion, several cracks being visible. The lightning also entered the store, ran through to the counting room, and took the shortest cut to the cellar, going out at the cellar door without stopping to open it properly. Also some damage was done to Mr. Field’s store.”

Oct. 12, 1893

”It is a pleasure as well as a duty to call attention to the good work the Belfast Morrell Liquor Cure Institute has done and is doing. Some twelve or fifteen persons in this community, who have been a burden to themselves and to others, have been reclaimed and are now useful and industrious citizens. It is not necessary to name them. Everybody can testify to their elevation from a fallen state to the plane of sobriety and manhood, and it is hoped that the good work will be continued until all who need this cure have been redeemed.”

To Tax Payers!

“I shall be at my office in Memorial building Saturdays from 10 to 12 A. M. and 2 to 4 P. M., until further notice. All persons who wish to avail themselves of the discount of two per cent on their taxes must pay by January 1, 1894. H. F. Mason, Collector"

Oct. 11, 1923

Playing at the Opera House: Gloria Swanson in "Zaza" and Mabel Normand in "Suzanna."

“About twenty men are in Augusta this afternoon to attend the hearing on the proposed change of Route One of the Atlantic Highway from the coastline to the center of the state. Among them are senator H. C. Buzzell, Mayor O. E. Frost, F. L. Whitten, James H. And Ralph H. Howes, Elmer A. Sherman, Fred C. Thistle, Frank A. Littlefield, Clyde B. Holmes, Milton B. Hills, City Marshall M. R. Knowlton, Selwyn Thompson, Ben D. Field.”

Oct. 6, 1960

“Sumner Scribner, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Sumner Scribner of Belfast, celebrated his seventh birthday September 29 at a party at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Scribner of High St. Refreshments were served including a decorated cake, and games were played. Guests attending were Gary Lawless, Robert Moody, Candice and April Englehart, Diane and Duncan MacIntosh and Cathy Littlefield.”

The week-end special at Weaver's Bakery, High St. Belfast: Pumpkin Pies 59 cents.

Oct. 10, 2002

"The public is invited to the launching of the 32 -foot, six-oared Cornish gig Belle Fast at noon Saturday, Oct. 12, at the public landing in Belfast. After the launch, the public is invited to go for a row in the new gig. The community boating organization Come Boating! completed construction of the gig with the help of community members and with the financial support of local individuals and businesses."