A spill in the Hannaford pharmacy closed the store the morning of Friday, Oct. 11, as officials completed clean up efforts.

Mike Norton, spokesman for Hannaford, said the spill involved a compounding agent that is used in making ointments. Norton said the spill occurred at 3:45 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10, as employees in the pharmacy were taking inventory.

As a precaution, the three employees in the pharmacy at the time of the spill were taken to Waldo County General Hospital to be evaluated. Norton said all three employees were later released after being evaluated.

The employees in the pharmacy were evaluated as a precaution because of how close they were to the source of the spilled compound agent, the vapors of which should not be breathed in, Norton said.

Norton said the pharmacy was closed Thursday, Oct. 10, after the spill occurred, but the rest of the store remained open. However, on Friday morning the decision was made to close the store to make sure clean up efforts were successful.

The store reopened at 11 a.m. on Friday, Norton said.

When asked if the corporate office would initiate any follow-up procedures in the wake of the spill, Norton said it was likely some action would be taken, but he did not know the extent of what would be done.

“This is just an unusual accident,” Norton said.

The Belfast Fire Department and Ambulance, as well as local police, responded to Hannaford at the time of the spill. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection was also on scene Friday morning to determine that there were no health or safety issues that required further remediation, Norton said.

A message left for MDEP Director of Communications Jessamine Logan was not immediately returned.

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