A new building that will house a stove shop was recently approved by the Belfast Planning Board.

The board met Oct. 9 and voted unanimously to allow Jason Perkins to build a structure that will contain two offices and a display room for a stove shop on his Crocker Road property. Perkins said he would use one of the office spaces for his plumbing and heating business, which he currently runs out of his home. The other office will be used for the stove shop.

The building will be used to display new home heating stoves for purchase. He told board members that he will have a wood pile outside the building, but will not be selling fuel for the stoves.

Perkins estimated that it would attract between two and four customers per day. He also expected some larger trucks would visit the property to deliver new stoves. He has not set official hours, but said the store would be open from around 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

City Planner Wayne Marshall told the board Perkins had more than enough land — more than 30 acres — to accommodate the new structure. Perkins also told the board that if the business was not successful he intended to convert the structure to a single family residence to rent or sell.

No one spoke for or against the project during a public hearing on the proposal.