A Belfast man who was apparently unhappy to see a Belfast officer arriving at his Swan Lake Avenue residence in May and was arrested for assault now faces an additional allegation that he was in possession of a synthetic hallucinogenic drug at the time of the incident.

Thursday morning, May 16, 43-year-old Kevin D. Grass of Belfast was initially arrested on charges of refusing to submit to arrest or detention. Police also charged Grass with domestic violence assault and obstructing the report of a crime because officers at the scene determined Grass assaulted a woman at the residence and prevented her from calling for help.

Immediately following the incident, Belfast Police Chief Mike McFadden said Grass did not make it easy for police to detain him.

McFadden said Belfast Officer Eric Kelley responded to the report of a disturbance at the Swan Lake Avenue residence just after 8 a.m., and when Kelley arrived, Grass was outside waiting for him.

“Officer Kelley met with an agitated Mr. Grass in the driveway,” said McFadden.

McFadden said Grass continued to act in an unruly manner as Kelley attempted to conduct his investigation at the residence, and Kelley became concerned about Grass leaving the property and fleeing to a nearby trailer.

“The officer did not want that to happen for safety reasons, so he asked Mr. Grass to get into the police car and wait there,” said McFadden. “That's when he decided to put up a bit of a fight, and he was ultimately arrested.”

The woman who Grass allegedly assaulted did not require medical attention for her injuries, McFadden said.

On Friday, Oct. 11, McFadden said the latest allegation that Grass was in possession of bath salts, as detailed in a summons Kelley issued Grass Sept. 29, stems from the May incident.

Grass is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court Tuesday, Nov. 5.