The Dolphins defeated the Chiefs 38-8 in Belfast Area peewee football action on Sunday, Oct. 13 at Troy Howard Middle School.

On first play of the game, Dolphin Isaak Cunningham had a 60-yard run to the 4-yard line. On the next play, Tanner Veilleux scored and also added the extra points up the middle.

In the second quarter, for the young players, Dolphin quarterback Tommy Walker broke for a 60-yard touchdown and Robert Hicock added the extra points.

Also, Chief Kayden Bonin scored on a 35-yard touchdown and Gavin Young had the extra points.

Dolphin Walker answered with a 50-yard score, while Cole Martin added the extra points.

In the third quarter, Veilleux scored on a 30-yard touchdown. In the fourth quarter, the Dolphins put another touchdown on the board by signal-caller Jack Hansen and the extra points were earned by Cunningham.

On Monday, Oct. 14, the younger players, those ages 8-9, played at the middle school. The Chiefs beat the Vikings 22-0. Chief Kaden Bonin had a 30-yard touchdown, while Gavin Young added the two-point conversion.

In the second quarter, Chief Cody Reynolds scored and Bonin added the two-point conversion. With two minutes left in the quarter, Bonin scored from 25 yards.

The Vikings put together a long drive in the fourth stanza, as Sam Dakin gained 30 yards, Hunter Maresh 10 yards, Levi Farrell two 5-yard bursts and Dakin 15 yards, but the quarter ending with no score.

The next games include: Sunday, Oct. 20, 1 p.m., Dolphins versus Vikings, middle school; and Wednesday, Oct. 23, Vikings versus Chiefs, 5:15 p.m., high school.

Margo Dyer contributed the information for this story.