Troy officials are taking steps to prevent further damage to Webster Cemetery after a person or persons drove a vehicle onto the property and damaged the grounds.

The incident occurred sometime in mid-September during a rainy weekend when town officials learned a vehicle — possibly a Jeep or small pickup truck — drove into the cemetery and tore up the sod. Sharon Moody, secretary to the selectmen, said the issue came up at a meeting when officials looked at ways of preventing further damage to the cemetery in the future.

As a deterrent, Moody said selectmen authorized Sexton Ronald Cropley to install a chain and lock across the Webster Cemetery Road entrance. The chain will not prevent residents who wish to access the property on foot, but Moody said officials hope it will discourage someone from trying to drive into the cemetery.

Moody said Cropley has also attempted to replace some of the sod that was torn up by the vehicle, but the town is waiting until the spring before it undertakes any significant repair efforts. She said it was fortunate that the vehicle that entered the cemetery didn't damage any of the graves.

Moody said selectmen expected to receive input from residents about how to prevent damage to the cemetery, but instead residents asked that officials address the condition of Webster Cemetery Road.

Moody said the selectmen are aware the road needs work done as it is passable in a pickup truck, but smaller vehicles have a harder time traveling on it. While town officials recognize the need to upgrade the road, Moody said the town does not have adequate funding to address the issue in this year's budget.

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