Janice Anthony and David Greeley, of Jackson, announce the Oct. 5 marriage of Iris Metzgen-Ohlswager and their son, Freeman Anthony, at their home in Jackson. The Reverend Wm. Bradford Greeley, the groom's uncle, officiated at the ceremony.

Attending were Iris's parents, Karin and Ted Metzgen-Ohlswager, and her brother Ian, and Fritz's brothers, Hugh Anthony and Max Greeley. A number of Fritz's friends from Waldo County and his Mount View class of 1993 attended, as did many friends of Fritz's and Iris's from Washington State. Other attendees were friends and family from Maine and wide-flung locations such as Hawaii, Louisiana, England, Canada, and Argentina. All participated in creating a beautiful event in a spectacular setting, along with the perfect autumn weather. The Eric Green Party with Nik Cody and Josh Stumpff played for dancing late into the night.

Fritz and Iris reside in Bellingham, Wash.